Firefox 3.5 + Private Browsing Mode + Redtube.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Tiddle, Jul 7, 2009.

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  1. Hurrah for modern technology, I can now knock one out while the wife's at the mother-in-laws and leave NO digital footprints.

    We truly are living in the future chaps, it'll NEVER get any better than this.
  2. You don't really think that your wife don't know your online w@nking off at some 19 yr old with a dildo rammed up her arrse, do you?
  3. Dunno but I stink of jizz now. :roll:
  4. is she really at her mother in laws ? :)
  5. Oh she knows, it saves her having to have sex with you if she pretends she doesn't :wink:
  6. Do you really believe your wife is at her mothers?

    She's probably busy getting stuck accross the face of a bloke who prefers to jam his vommiting fcuk pump up her council gritter for real............ rather than pull himself inside out over a keyboard.
  7. Meh, I'll still insist on being sucked off tonight, gotta keep her on her toes.
  8. so does your wife.
  9. Jeez your that tall!!!
  10. I KNOW she's at the M-I-L's, I, to my eternal shame, live in the same street.

    Still, her old man could be jamming his "vommiting fcuk pump up her council gritter" as I type, remind her of childhood I suppose.
  11. Is that wishful thinking or a fantasy you have in mind? :D

    I'm tenting at the thought of it to be honest, you got any more details?
  12. P.S. I think you forgot the R at the end of your name Tiddle :D
  13. All this browser privacy doesn't prevent her switching on the web cam remotely
  14. Chrome also has browser privacy, as does IE8 so as soon as your misses knows this, she will know what your up to, for sure.

    It's nice to think that the misses will be round the in-laws watching you pull off over a young taiwanese chick shoving large bottles up her already prolapsed a-hole. Who is worse in that scenario...

    I personally turn my cam off ;)