Firefox 3.0

Firefox 3.0 was launched today.

The first thing I noticed is that it is lightening fast on my PC. Worth the upgrade purely for the speed.

A load of HTML on my website doesn't display properly though. But I'm sure the COs will be pleased to hear that ARRSE doesn't seem to have any issues with it so far.
Got it last night.

Been thinking for ages "Wouldn't it be great if when they use auto complete if they took your favourites into account" and now they do! :D


I'm having a couple of niggling issues with the install, but I think that's largely (if not totally) due to me having switched full time to mac from PC in the last fortnight and me still finding my way around. Other than that, it looks and functions every bit as great as I expected. Knocks Safari into a cocked hat, as as for IE, well......
Been thinking about installing firefox for a while. Just did it :) warp speed - wish I had done this ages ago.
Is there a way of opening other Tabs? I think there must be, but can't find it.
Ctrl and T

Downloaded but doesn't work at my place of work... :-(

A little off topic but does anyone have any idea why Firefox doesn't connect to the internet while Internet Explorer works just fine (just in a particular office)?


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