Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by DesktopCommando, Nov 21, 2007.

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  1. Can anyone help me find the Part number for a Firefly, looked on SCOC to see X1 / 6230-99-8917543 Light,Marker,Distress. But unsure if this is it ?


  2. The one you want is:

    Light, Marker, Distress NSN 6230 01 411 8535

    Happy hunting

  3. cheers, although it does'nt come up on SCOC

  4. If you want to check on it, phone the number shown on the SCOC Disc's screen.
  5. X1 / 6230-99-8917543 Light,Marker,Distress

    Just got them in quite good too, 200 ft Water Depth & runs on AA battery's £30.00
  6. There may more flies flying about than we think. The 'traditional' firefly was indeed the trusty distress light and often used by girl guides and Marines when on the hills. There is also a mistakenly termed 'firefly' that refers to the IR Markers that are available and replacing the much loved but ultimately useless 'glint tape' on ops. Which one do you think you want?
  7. Go to

    They have the real deal Firefly for about £70, and it's a good quality website too. You could spend a fortune on there.
  8. Loving that observation! Thank you, but the URL is