Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by PartTimePongo, Oct 19, 2005.

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  1. Thought I'd go and get this on DVD prior to going to watch "Serenity".

    What an absolutely pleasant surprise. Very very watchable, and free of all the Star Trek type clique and dodgy sets. Excellent use of CGI and some stunning sequences, not afraid to lash a bit of gore in there as well

  2. I've been trying to get my mates into this series for a while but so far i have only been successful with one (and he was a trekky). It is a cross between a sci-fi and a western but somehow it works. You don't have to like sci-fi stuff to watch this. I've said it before and I will say it again, Serenity (the movie) is the best film out this year. Summer Glau who plays River Tam will be the next Scarlett Johansson or Sarah Michelle Gellar (but less common).

    "...but if your hand touches metal, I swear by my pretty little bonnet I will end you."

    Browncoat :oops:
  3. Saw serenity on dvd. Soon as it finished a got on to and ordered firefly. Now absolutely hooked. I consider myself a bit of a sci-fi fan, but the fact it's space isn't what a like best. It's the dialogue, the fact it looks like you actually there and just everything (swoons over images of firefly).

    The CGI is just so good. Just the whole way they made it feel like this was actually being filmed for real just really adds. Compare it to star wars clean cut sequences and you realise that big budget does = good film.

    I good go on and on and on and on and on and ............... but I suspect that I'll be picked out as a nutter.

    Plus: Female cast of Firefly = Shiny!!

    Also why did Fox cancel this show? It's funny. Its got people beating each other up and getting shot. Its intelligent and had the potential to build up Lost style mysterious goings on (Shepard Book in particular).
  4. I quite liked what I saw of it too, short answer is Fox is TV for morons by morons.

    Science Fiction shows seem to face the axe on a fairly regular basis and a lot of the time it seems to be a case of some jumped up w@nker's personal vendetta...any part time civvies here should be able to tell you that private sector efficiency is itself mythology and that higher ups in all aspects of civvy street tend to be rather moronic.
  5. It does appear that the folks that run TV and Film are a bunch of muppets who think if there's even the slightest bit of thinking required then must stop it or axe it.

    And Joss Wheddon does seem to get the sh :twisted: tty end of the stick more often than not.

    Angel - Far funnier and darker than Buffy. Axed because Joss wouldn't do as he was told. Which he still didn't after they axed it. Fox told him tie up all the loose ends before it fininshes, so he goes and does the complete opposite. Now that's class.

    Firefly - This is a western with a sci-fi twist and simply put brilliant. Usual some v clever plot devices to basically get away with murder. Muck about with the language set to get it pre-watershed. Make a bunch of thieving murdering gits in likeable rogues who aren't exactly Robin Hood.

    And because he wouldn't let it die

    Serenity - Bigger and better than Firefly, with a fantastic script.

    Apparently Joss Wheddon is still trying to keep the Firefly/Serenity band wagon going in some form or another. Wtach thi space...

    Well maybe not this space. :D
  6. i love it. saw a few episodes on telly, wondered what it was, borrowed the box set of a friend, got hooked, and then got really upset when i learnt how fox axed it! w@nkers.
    saw serenity and my faith in joss weadon was restored. a fantastic story with the potential to run and run.. fcuk the Fox network..
    were they the ones that axed futurama too?
  7. and yes, the female cast are a bit tasty...

  8. Absolutely the best thing I have seen for quite some time.
  9. FOX network?.......... of course they axed it, ffs you cant have an audience thinking! they may never vote republican again!
  10. One of the most enjoyable "emotional" parts is the love-hate relationship between Inara and Malcolm. You know they love the hell out of each other, but the only way they can express it is to bite bloody chunks out of each other. Shame they couldn't keep that tension going , after she *SPOILER* snogged the face off him when he was unconscious (Mrs. Reynolds) or when she was badly hurt by Malc shagging her mate in "Heart of Gold" , in spite of pretending she didn't give a toss.

    Even Serenity the film had the admission they loved each other removed, as well as her telling her Trainer that she missed the bloke (Too late Joss, we guessed) , but she was glad to be back in the crew after leaving in HoS

    I think the attraction of Firefly and Serenity , is the immersion . No high-tech sets except on the Imperi...oooops Alliance ships , and it's good to see the bad guys using the Rifle 5.56.

    If anyone hasn't experienced Firefly or Serenity , I urge you to watch it , highly enjoyable.

    ....and Inara ( Morena Baccarin) is hot as hell

  11. Your all right its the B*ll*cks
  12. cowboys in spaceships, i like it :D

    all the episodes and the serenity film is easy to find on the bit torrents...... not that I know anything about THAT type of behaviour of cource :wink:
  13. "Do I have your attention? this is Vera."


    You want to see more Firefly buy the box set, cheap arrse :p . That way the huge DVD sales which Firefly and Serenity are getting, give Joss Wheldon (SP?) a stick to beat hollywood over the head with. He's already stood up and said that Firefly is not dead and he has plans for it in the future. However he just needs to get the cash.
  14. Firefly was amazing, and Serenity is one of the best films I have ever seen...But I'd recommend anyone who hasnt seen them to watch the series first, as it gives you more of a 'sense' of the characters and their background (obviously, duh....)

    If anyone has a link to an online petition for the series being commisioned again, post it here and the Missus and I will both add our names...