Firefighters warn of more action

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by spank_the_monkey, May 12, 2004.

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    The Fire Brigades Union is again heading towards strike action because of last-minute problems with the deal that ended the fire dispute.
    The union suspended its annual conference on Tuesday after 300 delegates accepted a ballot call.

    Thousands of members will now be consulted about whether they want to launch a new campaign of industrial action over their pay deal.

    The row centres on rights to stand down time for firefighters on nightshift.

    Hang on, they do nightshifts? **** me, get your finger out Gilchrist! :D
  2. I can hear the elastic band about to go POP! :evil:
  3. ooh! too many jobs (iraq, Afghanistan etc) and not enough men to do it
  4. Who or what agency/service is going to fill the void that has been created in the availability of UK based troops to cover fire fighters? Divorce lawyers must be rubbing their hands.
  5. This could get interesting we can't use the TA 'cos the rules strictly enforced by the Labour party strictly forbid it. Presumably Mssrs Blair and Brown will have to put of the redundancies for a month or two.