Firefighters to be balloted for possible strike action

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by babiesarm, Jan 13, 2006.

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  1. Have we still got enough troops to cover for the idle barstewards? Or has it come to the point where CGS will have to put his hand up and say "No. Terribly sorry, but you'll have to cope without us. We're rather busy elsewhere."
  2. Heh that would cause some coment, and might finaly make the public take notice.
  3. Haven't you got the TA just waiting to do stuff like this. Mobilise them, their employers won't mind.
  4. I'd heard that, with the current overstretch caused by TELIC etc, Trumpton where going to have a weekends weapon training and sent to the sandpit with all the A1s that have been backloaded.

  5. The TA is not allowed, by law, to assist with industrial action..sorry
  6. But knowing our illustrious leaders, they'll just say 'sure, no problem, our boys can cope!!' Who needs courses, training, leave etc when they're not on ops? One day they might even decide to thank us - with a decent pay rise!! :evil:
  7. Fireman pfftt.... the last time that happened we had an RAF fire crew service overstretched across a large area and not allowed to use the modern equitment.....

    Last time some walt fireman offered to fill in didnt they why not let them cover!
  8. I see the FBU have got rid of Andy Gilcrist and replaced him with Matt Wrack. I heard it was because Gilcrist was not militant enough. I can't see there would be much public sympathy for them if they striked over the pension age, the poor dears are only being asked to work until they are 60, so what's the big deal with that?
  9. If they dont show up for work - fire them. Reagan did that to the air controllers who went on an illegal strike.
  10. under Bliar , Laws can be changed to suit
  11. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    Fecking whinging firefighters boil my p1ss.

    A lot of them are good blokes, but they are dragged down by the tw@ts who don't know when they are on to a good thing.

    Before i get into a total rant, this is from the link in the original post:

    My argument is, if like any normal firefighter you have a second job as well, working 40 years is only the same as working 20 full time!

    I hate these fcukers when they start moaning, yes they do a good and essential (and often dangerous) job, but it boils my p1ss when a firetw@t on £30K strikes and leaves Pte Tom do do his job for £16K. Firetw@t is meanwhile earning from his second job, while Pte Tom is doing overtime to cover Firetw@t's shifts. Strike over, and Pte Tom is killed 3 weeks into his Iraq tour by an IED. Firetw@t continues with both jobs not caring less.
  12. Feckin whining money grabbin Trumptons..... Used to have a lot of sympathy for them but thats all done and got used up....

    Time for the Goverment to grow some balls and get some usefull legislation out for a change preventing all this stupidity.... Jail for the strike leaders, nah better still just send em out to the sand-pit ... 2 weeks down town Basra in bright red Trumpton Trucks should do it...

    Anyway, havent we sold off all the Green Gods??? so what are the lads gonna use this time.... feckin push bikes?
  13. These w@nkers really p1ss me off.

    Whats more dangerous, sleeping for 3/4 of your shift, cutting the odd civvy out of an RTA on a closed road, rescuing the odd cat, putting the odd fire out where the right kit will do the job in 30 seconds and occasionally, very occasionally actually attending a dangerous fire OR manning a VCP and doing patrols in Iraq / Afghanistan / Iran (soon) etc, etc.

    The way these whining cnuts go on, you'd think that they were part of an 18th century press ganged navy, being forced to eat weevils and live below decks for 27 hours a day.

    Zero fcuking sympathy, zero fcuking respect and zero fcuking support. And before some whinny bitch of a fire fighter comes up with the "well you'd be grateful if your house was on fire", well it has been and I was. I'm sure the fcuking Kuwaitis were grateful, the Boz's, Kos's and the Serbs (that weren't killing each other) were grateful, (some) the Northern Irish were gratefu etc, etc, etc. Did I whine about my pay? Fcuking right I did. Would I (even if I could have, which I couldn't) have gone on strike during "active" service? No way, that would be desertion, which is what you t0ssers are guilty of if you strike, desertion in the face of the publics enemy, that being any situation that you are employed to rescue them from. Why wouldn't I? Because, like you, I VOLUNTEERED to put myself in harms way, I knew the job, knew the pay scale and knew the risks before I signed on the dotted line.

    Those of you that strike are scum that put your own salaries (20% higher than the national average and that's not taking into account second jobs) before peoples lives. Blame the gov all you want for reduced funding, extended shifts (what a shame, only 4 games of pool and 2 hours in the gym each night instead of 6 games and 3 hours) etc, it's still YOUR strike action that gets people killed.

    Just to deflect the normal responses that have come from the fire scroungers in the past, I'll answer the questions now

    No, my missus has not run off with a fire scrounger

    No, she hasn't been boned by one

    No, I'm not jealous, I earn more than you but that's through hard work, not through whining about it

    No, I wasn't in a gay affair with one and no, even if I was, he didn't bin me

    No I don't wish I was on the calendar

    No, I don't wish I was a fire fighter

    No I didn't attempt to join and was rejected

    Yes I have a career

    Yes I whined about my pay in the Army

    No I wouldn't have gone on strike even if I could have (I'd have left and got a better paying job)

    No I don't care that the Gov are changing your shifts, boo hoo you may actually have to work the hours that you are paid for

    No I don't care that they are changing your work conditions, if you don't like it leave, there's thousands of people waiting for your very high salary. If you are really that bothered, stop striking for a union that will get you nowhere, leave and become an MP.

    If I missed anything, feel free to dodge the fact that YOU (not the Gov, they may be cnuts but it's not them on strike) are directly letting people die by going on strike, and make some sarcy but inevitably empty response.

    Failing that you could always threaten to let my house burn down / beat me up / hunt me down / complain to Readers Digest etc, etc
  14. AS, next time a fire-scrounger gives dishes out some grief why not ask him or her much tax and NI they pay on their second job? I've know many fire-scoungers and can't recall one whose other job(s) were above board.