Firefighters thinking about having a long weekend again?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Dollsteeth, Aug 26, 2009.

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  1. Oh goody! Time to play with my toy again?

  2. Yeah, actually enjoyed the whole thing at the time, no offense to any on here but gave me a newfound hatred of firemen, how they had the audacity to demand more money when they spend the majority of their time sitting about eating toast (well that was my opinion of the whole thing anyway as thats what I did during the strike) was beyond me.
  3. I was lead to believe that local government was told that the days of being able to fall back on the forces for fire strikes was over,hence the failed group 4 "fireguard "recruitment campaign a few years ago for anyone with a boy scout fire badge, to act as a "home guard" in the event of more strikes.
  4. The case that Firemen should become paramedics and ambulance crews in between the VERY rare fire calls is unarguable.
  5. Yup, this is true for London at least:
  6. Maybe they should join the RAF crews in the Stan, see if they like life where its hot
  7. hmmm, I wonder how the Armed Forces will be able to help this time with them heavily committed abroad. I sense an own goal for the country's biggest volleyball club.

    Unfortunately with the public coffers in the state that they are most of the emergency services are facing cuts over the next few years. I don't see how Trumpton believe themselves to be a special case, the 44 posts will probably be lost through natural wastage anyway.
  8. Having worked in the UK Ops arena in the not too distant past, I can reassure you that HM Forces are exceptionally unlikely to be involved in this. The Op FRESCO saga from 03 led to a huge Govt shakeup of emergency planning, and the military haven't really touched any form of FRESCO issues since. Local fire authorities have had the riot act read to them that we are :
    a) busy,
    b) in the unlikely event of being free, cost a LOT of money to hire,
    c) stop relying on HM Forces as your Business Continuity Plan!

    For the doctrinally keen, try reading JDP2-02, available on the Internet.
  9. It doesn't appear to be, certainly not searchable by Google
  10. With the three years it would take them to qualify as paramedics now that it's mainly university based it's unworkable. That's assuming you could find enough water goons with the right entry qualifications....
  11. I enjoyed covering the strikes in Hull towards the end of 02 start of 03. Had some funny call outs too. Hull is an interesting place!

    It took every single bloke in the regiment and was quite a commitment. Became worse as the onset of Telic was looming, and most units were getting ready to deploy, or at the very least most units had a handfull of lads going with other units.

    Not good timing for the FBU and they ended up looking like a bunch of cnuts and not getting anything near the 16% (I think?) they were after. Remember the Sun newspaper ripping into the FBU leader for being some kind of two timing cad, i think the headline was Love rat-V-Desert Rats or some shoite.

    Interestingly, the FBU threatened a further strike in the summer of 2004 as i remember being spammed with another lance jack from my troop, to go on a 3week firefighting course down at some big firefighting depot at gloucestershire. The place was packed out with lads from all 3 services, and most of us were living in tents on the fields. The course only ran for a week, then it got canned. Apparently the FBU bottled out of it all. We never got a proper answer as to why the plug was pulled.

    I think they thought the goverment had a conveniant escape in 02-03 with telic stealing the limelight and public opinion going against them.

    Fcuk knows why they didnt go ahead with there strike in 04, maybe they thought that with the forces getting decent training, they would end up looking like whingeing cnuts again.

    Which is what will probably happen if they try and strike in the current climate. I think they should be greatfull for the, well paid, jobs they've got.
  12. They get paid far too much for what they do (or dont) if you ask me, far more then other jobs of such nature (police,nurse,ambulance etc) and do far less for said wage in my opinion.
  13. Agreed. I Was doing B2B sales an was pitching at a firestation, three days in a row and all three time I showed up they were faffing around doing nothing...

    They were that bored the senior officer incharge gave me a tour of the station, let me sit in the fire engines and gave me a detailed look at their portable comand centre... Was pretty nifty infact.

    But seriously, they were just complaing of being bored all the time. Moany, lazy c u next tuesdays.