Firefighters pay row 'escalates'


A fire union is warning that a row which led to Greater Manchester crews being sent home is spreading.
The FBU claims that some firefighters in the West Midlands are answering 999 calls only in response to the dispute which has affected Salford colleagues.

It says brigades in South and West Yorkshire are also offering 999-only emergency cover.

The dispute originated because firefighters said they had not received a pay rise in line with negotiations.
Tell you what, they can have a slap instead, how does that sound?
I can see why the FF are getting p1ssed off, the employers are really stiffing them. But they aren't going to win friends in civvy street, in the military or especially in Arrse if they keep throwing their toys in the corner and going into a sulk.

Keep working and keep giving bLIAR a kicking in the press. Folks can see the good work being done (like last week in Glasgow) but that gets undermined by the industrial action. The FF are an ESSENTIAL EMERGENCY SERVICE, they shouldn't be able to strike.
To quote from the BBC report:

"The firefighters said they had not received an agreed pay rise and refused to use new anti-terror equipment."

Not getting a pay rise you think you've been promised has got to hurt - but is putting the public at risk really the way to address it ? The firefighters are onto a loser here I think, it'll look to a lot of people as though they're putting people at risk for money. I wonder how they think they'll get public support with this sort of behaviour.
This has been brewing for a while folks. It would not surprise me if TBliar (praise be upon his ya, ya, ya etc.etc) is trying to stich them up.

As said previously, they are an emergency service and as such striking should not be an option but what the hell are they playing at not training with new anti-terror kit?

At this rate, Joe Public will tell them to fick off and get back to work :evil:
This pay deal sounds oddly like the Good Friday Agreement. So vaguely worded, that at the time both sides were able to read into it what they wanted, but latterly causing inumerable difficulties in it's implementation.

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