Firefighters killed

Two firefighters have been killed :(

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Smoke visible for 10 miles
Fireworks Factory Blaze
Updated: 20:36, Sunday December 03, 2006

Two firefighters have been killed after a fireworks warehouse exploded in flames.

They were tackling a blaze at the Festival Fireworks warehouse near Lewes, in East Sussex.

Eyewitnesses said the area was rocked by a series of blasts after the initial blaze.

The explosions sent debris flying through the air and caused nearby buildings to shake.

Five hours after the first emergency calls, fireworks could still be seen exploding from the wreckage.

Lewes MP Norman Baker said: "It is a terrible event and I feel deeply sad for the families that have lost firefighters.

"It is always sad when someone dies, but particularly when they are serving other people and part of the emergency services and essentially putting their lives on the line for other people."

Police declared a major incident and casualties were taken to hospitals in Brighton and Eastbourne. A total of 12 people needed hospital treatment.

Janine Bell, of South East Coast Ambulance Service, said the situation "worsened" during the afternoon.

Philip Thomas, of the Royal Sussex County Hospital in Brighton, told Sky News seven people had been admitted, two with serious injuries.

He said: "They are both in a serious condition, but are stable and under active treatment at the moment.

"One has had a blast injury, an injury to the chest, bleeding from the chest.

"We are aware that five of the injured are from the emergency services but I could not tell you which of the emergency services they are from.

"The other five people are all conscious and undergoing treatment for a variety of burns and limb injuries. None are in a serious condition but they will remain in hospital tonight."

Eastbourne District General Hospital received five casualties from the scene, four of whom were later discharged.

A fifth casualty was expected to be kept in overnight but did not suffer life threatening injuries.,,30000-1242796,00.html
There is never a good time to die but as Christmas approaches our thoughts are with the families of the brave firefighters who have died doing their duty. My thoughts and prayers are for the injured from the emergency services and wish them a prompt recovery from their injuries too.

I would also include our prayers for the 3 Booties from Four-Five Commando (45 Commando Regiment Royal Marines) and pray for their quick recovery and Safe Home from abroad.

Our thoughts, prayers, respect and thanks are with you, RIP brave firefighters.
Sad news indeed. My thoughts are with the families and friends of those who died and with those firefighters injured.


My late Father was a Fireman here in Nord Iron before he went & joined the RAF.
My sincere condolences to the families of these brave lads and a speedy recovery to the wounded.
RIP Lads.
It makes it even more poignent, when you remember this is/was one of the chosen professions to go into after service :(


Thank you all for your support to two of our fallen, again thaughts to their families and to the families of servicemen and women.
this just shows that they are doing a job that is sometimes as risky as the one us service men and women do. To moan that they strike for more money is perhaps sometimes a but hypocritical of us, as we all complain that our rates of pay are not high enough.
RIP lads, and condolances to the families of those who died.
Sincere condolences to the families.

These folks put their life on the line every time they turn up for work.

Even when the politicians are on their annual 4 week summer break.

Firefighters deserve a lot better than what the politicians perceive their value to be.
Deepest sympathy to those who will spend their christmas withouth their loved one.


RIP lads ..seems even sadder to know that on eof the chaps survived a whole regular career only to return and suddenly to be beaten by the job..i will have apint or two for the fellas...and speedy recovery to fellow opppos the booties

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