Firefighter Prosecuted after Engine Siren Killed Farmer

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Scavenger, Apr 13, 2010.

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  1. I'm totally amazed (and appalled) that both the police and the CPS have decided this is in the public interest. I don't believe its been discussed here before, so here goes...

    A 75 year old Somerset farmer, Harold Lee, was tragically caught up in a freak stampede of 100 cows whilst he was herding them for milking. He sustained head injuries and later died in hospital.

    His family, who were there at the time, believe the siren from a passing fire engine responding to a 999 call startled the herd which caused them to stampede.

    The police have since arrested and charged the driver of the fire engine, 49 year old Julian Lawford, with manslaughter. He appeared at Taunton Dean Magistrates in March, who passed it up to Exeter Crown Court where he appeared today, and the case was adjourned till July.

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    I am lost for words.
  2. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Baffled here. There must be more to this...surely?
  3. Why? Presumably, they have access to more of the facts than you do.
  4. but surely, if the firefighter had been driving lights only, and run someone over/caused an RTA, he equally would have been at fault?

    At first glance this does seem ridiculous....
  5. I read somewhere that the engine was on it's way to a call and came across the herd of cows crossing the road from one field to the next and the driver got impatient and hit his sirens to hurry up them up.
  6. If that is the case, then it makes a bit more sense.
  7. he could have just shouted for them to mooove over

  8. Oh come on...pull the udder one...

    *shares taxi with Dave*
  9. Dont milk it now :wink:
  10. My Brigade Orders state that if your having lights you MUST have music..... This opens up a can of worms, if driving to a chav city indecent at 0 stupid hours, do you need them? Wake up the neighbourhood etc... but the 'law' states that audible warning MUST be used.

    The Brigade and the union will now stand from under and watch this poor sod lose his career and licence.

    Anyone who is thinking of joining the fire Circus, don't. The job is bolloxed.

  12. That's just going from the bovine to the ridiculous.
  13. Dairy appeal?
  14. All the time?

    Here when out in the countryside, which given the herd of cows I would assume this was, they only use the siren if/when in traffic or approaching junctions otherwise just the lights.

    You are right having the siren going when driving down an empy country road in the early hours of the morning wouldn't be exactly good PR.
  15. Give it a rest now, we've herd it all before. There's obviously a lot at steak so i suggest we don't discuss about how the fireman drove.