Firefighter in tumble dryer travesty...

Yes of course its all been blown out of proportion. Its not as if his mates would walk off & leave him in it. Not unlike the chav scum who done it to a bloke near me. Its just health & saftey nazis trying to justify thier own jobs ( yet again). Its nothing but horseplay. Horseplay being vital to the morale of a collective body of men doing what can be a difficult job. Why cant they just give em a break.



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this is ******* infuriating. a very close family member has been in for almost his full thirty years in the GMFRS, and this is all the bosses can find to be worried about. How about addressing the real problems of undermanning, retention, a constantly shrinking budget and the f*** all interest in the welfare of the firefighters?
Its caused a huge stink up here, its all over the local press.

If it were any other profession it would have been understandable but for firemen to carry out a prank, which if copied and goes wrong, they would have to come deal with is just plain stupid!
But it clearly wasn't done as an example of things to try at home when bored. I for one cant understand why one of his muckers decided to send the vid to the press, they clearly have an issue with loyalty within that particular station. The fact that it appeared on BBC News seems ridiculous, if people were really worried it might have been copied, why the hell put it on mainstream TV?

What a bunch of arrse.
I thought the footage on the telly was quite informative.
Remember to pad the tumbler well and have somebody ready to pull the handle at any sign of trouble.

(Have more friends that have tried it than not !)

Might put the one that, quote "released it to the press" in for a full cycle with just a bag of nails for company though.
They were actually being safety conciouse - I distinctly heard one of them say that the head should be at the front just in case. All blown out of proportion, but its good to see the fireman earning the vast sums of money they recieve
fingers_1661 said:
....ever seen a sapper in an 'S' tank? Better still if he's in full diving rig & it ruptures!
we normally fill the s-tanks full of beer & then use the sprog sappers to go fishing for cans :D :D :D :D
Cowhead said:
Fireman in Tumble Dryer

Anyone else think this has all got a bit out of hand?
are'nt we glad we spent all that time filling in for those really under pressure poorly paid firemen not so long ago. :x :x :x :x

CNUTS :x :x :x :x
l/cpl_blowhard said:
what is the correct term 'firefighters or firemen in the uk
the correct term is "lazy, greedy, striking, commie scumbags"

Yeah, yeah, yeah. 'Big up' for the poor oppressed firebloke and a 'big raspberry' to the Health and Safety Nazis.

A harmless prank eh? What if he'd broken his neck/snapped his femur/sprained his ankle or whatever? Suddenly, you've lost a qualified firefighter and all that entails. I doubt his personal insurance would cover him for throwing himself inside a tumble dryer, his employer's liability insurance definitely wouldn't cover him and who would look after his family (assuming he had one of course) in the long-term? He would probably try to sue the Fire Service because nobody told him he couldn't do it :roll: . Cue compensation claim worth several million quid and the ARRSE community up in arms because some bellend firefighter decided to throw himself in a tumble dryer.

Get real.

PS Mind you, the bloke who sent it to his bosses deserves a shoeing.

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