Firecrews asked to be state snoopers

And there was me thinking firemen were employed to fight fires, rescue people and to help prevent fires starting. Now the state want them to snoop on people when conducting home visits. Is this not the job of the police and social workers?

Big brother is getting stronger!

Firefighters have accused management of "fanning the flames" of attacks on crews by instructing them to report anything suspicious during home visits.

Strathclyde Fire Brigade bosses want home safety teams, who fit smoke alarms and give safety advice, to inform the relevant bodies of any concerns.

They said they only want fire crews to carry out their public duty.

But the Fire Brigades Union said its members were being placed in danger under the current guidance.

They fear random attacks on fire crews could increase as a result of the move.

Sandy McNiven, of the FBU, said its members were unhappy with management's instructions.

He told BBC Scotland's news website: "During home visits firefighters have been told to look out for evidence of drugs or alcohol misuse which could result in a serious fire.

"They have also been advised to report any suspect building work to building control and contact management if they find children at home alone.

"But firefighters are unhappy about this. This contradicts earlier guidance which stated firefighters should not make home visits unless an adult over the age of 18 is present."

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