Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by old_bloke, Jun 4, 2013.

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  1. Is a potato gun classed as a fire arm?
  2. It all depends how big it is.
  3. Pneumatic spud guns with projectile energy greater than 4 joules (3 ft·lbf) are classified as section 1 firearms and do require a license. In recent years, with the rise of spud gun use, there has often been much debate as to whether or not spud guns should actually be classed as Light Air Weapons. If spud guns were to be reclassified, then their maximum lawful projectile energy would be 12 ft/lbf, not 3.
  4. Depends how you used it. If you tried to rob a bank with it, probably yes. If as a six year old you fired bits of spud at your toddler sister, probably not.
  5. Yes……



  6. The only place that this is likely to be decided definitively is in court.

    In my humble and measured opinion though, strictly, yes they are.
  7. IIRC, the rile is "lethally barreled" - the caselaw on "lethal" being "capable of piercing the skin"

    so if it can't pierce the skin, its not covered by firearms legislation (unless a specifically prohibited weapon, such as stun gun or CS gas etc)
  8. They make damn fine non-explosive breeching what-cha-ma-call-its ............ errrrr, not that I've ever tried, on the abandoned building at the back of my mates place. We didn't use re-cycled plastic mineral water bottles re-filled with tap water. And the idea was not based on the Harvey Wallbanger, nope, not in the slightest. And, it also didn't work a treat taking out hinges or locksets on wooden doors. So don't waste your time on pointless scientific research ;-).
  9. Thanks that was the answer I was after:)
  10. I reckon a 1/2lb Maris Piper travelling at 4000fps into your face would be lethal, so yes .
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  11. we duty-rigged one once, made it up out of drain pipe, a plug-in tyre pump and a simple on/off valve.

    Put a nice size dent in the side of my pick-up. I wouldn't want to be on the recieveing end of a spud delivered at any kind of velocity.
  12. Pah! Typical namby-pamby, paranoid, welfare state, nanny state, police state legislation, designed to stop law-abiding citizens having a bit of fun with harmless........

    Spud Gun Bullet thru Car Fender - YouTube

    Excuse me. This rant is no longer operative.
  13. I've hear Wilja have an AP quality you wouldn't mess with.