Firearms Officers cleared after 7 YEARS

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Lord_Wentworth, Feb 9, 2006.

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    It has taken 7 years to clear these two men. What message does that send out to the Police or indeed, the Armed Forces? Innocent or guilty the matter should be dealt with immediately. It is, afterall, the morale of the whole unit that is at stake not just the careers or lives of those accused.
  2. Yes. But the difference here is that it takes a while for the plod to find themselves not guilty, whereas the poor old soldier takes a while before finding himself up before the beak.

    I agree, truncate the process - but let's not pretend that the plod are treated the same way as the squaddie.
  3. Well currentr form is to wait until it becomes politically expedient to have a witch hunt and then you can be subject to an massivley funded inquiry in order to appease whatever section of society Blair thinks he should surrender to.
  4. You haven't got a clue, have you? The IPCC aren't police. Neither are the CPS.
  5. My apologies. I'll re-phrase that...

    Yes. But the difference here is that it takes a while for the IPCC / CPS to find the plod not guilty.
  6. It tells those firearms officers one thing.....don't be a firearms officer, because you are on your own if you shoot and kill someone,especially if there is a chance that the person is carrying a firearm or what looks like a firearm. Difficult decision at the time!
  7. As in all of these cases it is a serious decision to take a life. If you aren't prepared to be put on the spot don't volunteer for the job. It is right that all shootings by policemen are investigated. It is the same for servicemen who are working in Northern Ireland, and some of them have served time after being charged with murder.
  8. Locally a PC shot dead a naked man in bed, his excuse was he was frightened, but he did not say what off. The case against him was dismissed. Now if you were in the forces would you get away with an excuse like that, I don't think so. Lee Clegg a Paratrooper was given life for manslaughter when a group of five soldiers opened fire on car that went through a security check point with out stopping. Now with out any forensic evidence who fired the fatal shots that killed the two young car thieves, he got life
  9. Source is here... and relates to the IPCC / CPS efforts to sort out the Menenzes nonsense.

    and just how long did it take to nail a few squaddies after a fairly innocuous and well deserved thrashing of real criminals in Basra?
  10. Call me old fashioned BUT




    I know my recognition drills are a bit rusty these days, but not a million years ago I had a yellow card that set down the rules for opening fire, but it wasnt at bags, and before anyone jumps up and down and says 'oh but the local intel told us he was armed' Ill say no more....................
  11. What's the surprise? Coppers always get off. Just watch, those coppers that shot that Brazilian lad 7-8 times in between bites of their sandwiches and crossword puzzles will also get off. The other firearms coppers will threaten to down tools and go back to whatever passes as beat policing these days.
  12. Well if you think you can make better judgements at a split second. Im sure SO19 would like to have you on board.
  13. Picture of a sawn off double barrel rather than a franchi SPAS 12 and a wrapped up plastic bag containing something that looks like a sawn off might make a better analogy. Then again, just what was it the yellow card said about if you believe yourself and others are in danger? (don't have mine to hand and I'm just recalling JSP 385)
  14. I saw a picture of the chair leg in question wrapped in a bin bag compared with a sawn off shotgun wrapped up the same way, they were indistinguishable. The Fig 11 concerned had bragged that he had a gun and was going to use it, had a long history of violence and pointed the "Gun" at officers when challenged. It wasn't unlawful killing, it was merely natural selection redressing the clever / dumb balance.
  15. I am amazed that the very people who complain about armchair critics having a go about the actions of soldiers in life threatening situations , are more than happy to sit back in their own armchairs and judge the actions of armed police officers in life threatening situations.
    Anybody that believes that the IPCC has the interests of police officers at heart is living in cloud cuckoo land . Police officers have been found not guilty at court in the past only to have the verdict set aside/challenged. This doesn't happen very often to your average criminal. It is sometimes a case of keep on trying them until the right political verdict is reached.
    Armed police officer is a job I would not want to do.