Firearms license in germany

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by hender214, Dec 31, 2012.

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  1. Ive been posted to germany and i want to start shooting ive shot clays and rabbit before but just borrowed the gun from a friend so never bothered with a license. Question is can i get one over there as there laws are different id like to get into hunting boar/deer and also pistols which from what i read are legal but not sure if it will be for me. Just after a bit advice from people that have been there done that type of thing.
  2. if you've never bothered over here, why bother over there?

    You could always say you thought they were legal/couldn't read the signs because they were all in Deutsch etc.
  3. To be honest my dad wasnt big on keeping any firearms in the house so thats why i didnt get a license. I want to own my own firearms so thats why i want to do it properly plus to hunt you need a license i think ha
  4. You sound like the sort of chap who's in the market for a used Schmeisser?
  5. as in mp40? not sure that is legal ha
  6. Do you want to shoot game, or punch holes in paper? If the former, then you will have to do a fairly long course to get your Jagdtschein. The latter is easier, as you just need to join a Schutzenverein.
  7. well i wanted to shoot game in the long run, but i want to shoot clays as well. I also wouldnt mind becoming a member of a shooting club just to keep sharp pistols rifles that sort of thing. Am i right i saying there a three types of license grades over there?
  8. "well i wanted to shoot game in the long run, but i want to shoot clays as well. I also wouldnt mind becoming a member of a shooting club just to keep sharp pistols rifles that sort of thing. Am i right i saying there a three types of license grades over there?"

    Sounds to me that the psych evaluation might be difficult with the "I just want guns attitude". Of course they are freely available where they are needed, maybe that's an option.
  9. Many moons ago, there was a BAOR shooting association.. but I'm not sure it exists anymore - it used to run the courses for getting a Jadgschein..

    I only ever had a waffenbezitzcard for my shotguns as I was only clay shooting..

    The answer is to wait until you get out there.. There used to be good clay clubs at Gutersloh, Sennelager and Reindahlen, but they may have gone now..
  10. Gutersloh Clay Pigeon Club is still there, not heard any shooting from there for a while though.
  11. I may have not understood what my husband told me, be here we go:

    He says it far easier and cheaper to obtain a driving licence for a 50tonne petroleum tanker (mobile bomb) than a firearms licence. Whilst the Germans may bear weapons there are a myriad of restrictions with firearms that are legal here (France) being contrary to the German War Weapons Control Act. Then there is the requirement that the applicant must provide a valid reason for wanting to buy, own and shoot a particular gun – that is just for balltrap and target shooting. He seems to think membership of a shooting club is mandatory.

    A firearms licence for hunting is a totally different game – the applicant needs to complete a hunters course and passed the exam (2000 EUR). You have to learn “butchery,” “veterinary,” “ranger,” “groundsman,” “lawyer,” “gunsmith” and “ballistic” skills as well as firearms use, laws and handling etc. Do not expect to pass the exam at the first attempt – the failure rate is around 70%.

    Finally, do not expect to receive a Concealed Carry (CC) permit. You will only get one of those if you are considered to be in serious danger of bodily harm or kidnapping. Again, you have to establish that you in terrible danger. Being shot more than once is considered adequate proof that you qualify. Being murdered is the best proof to get a CC. Unfortunately, a posthumous CC isn’t much use. The state does not allow citizens to be buried with a loaded weapon.

    My husband respectfully suggests that you contact the German Embassy in your home country requesting they send you, free of charge, their booklet on weapons ownership and firearms licensing.

    If you would like some further advice PM and I will supply my husband's e-mail address.
  12. Private firearms used to be covered by the Status of Forces Agreement.. so before you start bothering the German embassy, check with your unit in Germany as to what the current regulations are. You will need a UK licence if/when you bring any guns back to UK. There used to be an arrangement to buy guns via the US Rod & Gun clubs at a considerable discount..

    As I said, there was a special arrangement for British forces to pass the hunting exams and get a licence.. we set up the system remember! Again check when you get to your unit before going on the German net..

    ..but I agree - I doubt if you will be able to buy a pistol..
  13. If I am not mistaken (a not unknown state of affairs) if you have a Jagdschein, you have to carry a pistol to deliver the coup deGrace to a wounded animal, although why the rifle you used is not suitable for that is a mystery to me.

    I expect Alcesian or Cerronemos will be able to expand on that.
  14. cheers some good info on here i guess when i get to germany il be able to fill in most of the gaps and answer some of the questions.

    Yeah i read that when hunting you carry a hand gun to dispatch any animal that may be suffering that you have shot.

    Seems alot of money just to obtain a license to hunt considering that many fail pass on the second go its 4k