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Is paid stalking a valid reason to hold a .308win rifle or do I need written authority to shoot on certain land? When I submitted my firearms application I informed the liason officer all my stalking would initially be paid for. He gave me the impression this was a good enough reason at the time but now they are asking for land authority. I am visiting them next Tuesday for an update. Anybody had a similar experiance?

It's usually good enough. Get the person who you will be stalking with to write a letter saying that you have booked some stalking with him and declaring where the land is. This is all that is usually needed.


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Having plans to go paid stalking on a regular basis, as well as foreign hunting plans should be perfectly sufficient for you to get your licence.


If you meet resistance still get your association involved, its not as if you are going to break the conditions of your FAC, lets face it paid stalking means never getting an open cert in the same way but even open cert holders need to have some nominated land. If you still hit a brick wall then drop me a pm, I have helped a few out with this issue. I can also book some stalking for you so the old bill will have to be more thoughtful over restrictions. What county are you in?

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