Firearms, if you could get them, would you?

Having just watched some programme on Sky due to my lack of ability to get laid due to Mrs Stella's flue, where the program was filled with images (from the UK) of incredibly violent crimes against unarmed small business people and householders, I'm just curious.

If you had the chance to bring back, lets say as an example, a fully automatic assault rifle or a small arms weapon of a strange calibre and actually managed to get one back to your house, what would you do with it?

1. Realise the error of your ways, cough up to the adj and find a way to hand it in without charge?

2. keep hold of it but still be worried, hand it in on the next amnesty

3. Think "fcuk you", I know how to look after a firearm, I also know how dangerous they are and I will never let any of my family anywhere near it. However, if some cnut tries to break in whilst me and my kids are there, I will find out how well the spring on an AK47 magazine lasts after being oiled since 1991 and I'll take the rap for the 30 rounds of burglary and rape prevention tablets.

I haven't got one by the way, I'm just curious as to the opinions of others.

PS, could someone hypothetically become an MP after being convicted for a firearms offence? I',m assuming that seen as mcmurderer and adamsemtex are that I'll be OK.
If you had a vote on this post - put me down for Option 3. I'd write my own ROE and, if it came to it, my own statement after caution. If the Swiss can have a rifle in nearly every house, it cannot be all bad. Need an armourer to 'deal' with arms held by chav though.
I'd go for the ak as well
good socialist success story as well
Living in South Africa, the wife and I had a couple of 9mm Tresstios and a 38 5-shot rifle. The week after we sold them, we were burgled three times and lost everytrhing, so yes - I would like to bring a gun to the UK and keep it somewhere away from the kids. Our neighbour had a H&K G3 and a bloke down the road had a genuine "elephant gun". We used to sit in the garden and shoot the bull frogs after a few sundowners. Used to scare the maid silly!
Tango34_UK said:
Yes option 3, but a HK MP5 would be the weapon of choice for me.

Hmm, Mk5 Supressed Sterling here - avoids arkward questions from the neighbours about gunshots heard in the middle of the night...

Cue the use of the Forestry Commission gatekey still on my keyring to aid evidence disposal, and the local crime figures would drop overnight!
I'd get myself an sa-80! Ohhh.... you mean a decent rifle?

I have my shotgun as it is so i think that's enough. If i lived in an area where i felt the need then i'd defintely want a handgun of sorts, preferably an automatic. Anything else is just too big and clumsy if we're talking within the confines of the house. I have a deac enfield revolver too, if i point it at some scumbags face he's not going to know that and i wonder if he'd be prepared to gamble.


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Having considered the above myself and having plenty of confiscated weapons pass through my hands last year (I did quite fancy one of those nickel plated Saddam specials), I came to the conclusion that 5 years in nick for illegal possession alone wasn't worth it. I already owned a Brocock 5 shot air pistol which I had originally bought for the Missus to see off burglars while I was away, and for which I subsequently had to acquire a FAC, so I bought a double barrelled shotgun for 'clay target shooting'; legal to own, cheap ammo and devastating at close quarters.
Can you have an option for being prone on a supermarket roof and snap shooting at all the little chav,wanna be gangsta's I'd find it very enjoyable and useful to the community :D
Ive held an FAC since I was 17 and my old man had firearms long before I was born.

If someone broke into my house I'd still be unlocking them, assembling them as the getaway car arrived in Stranraer :D

As a hard done by shooter, I would go out of my way to ensure I killed my intruder with everything but a firearm.... I wonder if I killed a man with a pencil sharpener and a Rubiks cube they'd be banned too......... As he looked into my eyes with his dying breath I'd remind him that I am a model citizen and more than capable of owning firearms, then I'd turn his lights out with an Ice skate...... I bet Torvill & Dean didn't have to keep thier feet in a safe

For the record: I know Aunty didn't bring an AK back from Granby, his bergan contained a Camels bottom section which he still abuses now.... good job he lives in Dudley otherwise the stench would have been too much :D
I have my most valuable consumer durables piled on a small stone altar in the sitting room. They are resting on a cunningly constructed pressure plate that when activated by removing said goods sends a large stone sphere, a la Indiana Jones, hurtling in from the kitchen, splattering any potential burglar. If those don't get him then the punji-spike pit trap will.

I'm not sure of the legality of this fiendish device. I'm pretty sure you don't need a "Large Stone Ball" licence in Tony Blair's Britain. Well, not yet, anyway.

Speaking from a purely professional POV, most crime prevention officers will tell you that the most effective anti-burglary device any household can have is the Mk.1 Fido. Back in the days when I would investigate burglaries, it was rare that any house with a mutt in it got worked over. Smackheads hate dogs for some reason.

ICE axe you seen the new technical ones one swipe from one of those and your down
followed by a stomping from crampons alsong as there dishwasher safe

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