Firearms Guide 2nd Edition DVD review


I was asked by Bad CO if I would review the Firearms Guide 2nd Edition on DVD which he'd been offered by the publisher. The blurb states that it presents over 50,000 models of Firearms, airguns and ammo from 425 manufacturers worldwide which makes it pretty comprehensive. Using the capacity provided by the DVD format, it also includes 27,000 high resolution images with up to 12 per model. It works on XP, Vista and Windows 7 so not good news for you Mac and Linux users out there!

First impressions are a well laid out and easy to use guide. That’s the plus side, the only downside I can see so far is a lack of exploded diagrams for some of my more favourite classic rifles and revolvers. The program opens with a front page showing 5 options, the main header bar being a firearms, airgun and ammo guide.


The firearms are laid out using various search options and they seem to be exclusively firearms currently in production, this isn’t a real problem and is understandable but a pity nonetheless. I would rather see Lee Enfields than every current US made AR type rifle but that’s who the market is aimed at. This first page also gives you the options to see pictures and ammunition currently made for the firearms.

I was pleased to see that on the RPA section even their latest offerings were available. Dropping back to the home page offers you the options to see the schematics, the FFL Guide, the EU/US calibre guide and the printable targets section which is full of fun to shoot and some useful zeroing and bench rest type targets.

The calibre guide is really an imperial/metric one but has some useful information and lots of little gems and has a list of currently available brands and bullet weights in each calibre. Again mostly aimed at the US and Canadian market but there are good images and a great level of data such as bullet weight, primer type, powder composition etc. I did find very helpful the published performance data as this really helps hand loaders.

The FFL (Federal Firearms Licensee) locator wont be of much everyday use to the UK shooter but if expanded over here to the same level would be outstanding. I never knew there were so many dealers in Puerto Rico, I spent a month there in 1997 and couldn’t find one. Mind you every road sign was shot full of holes!

The rifle guide is very much an in depth type of subject, it seems to list every calibre in every model although I did note that the Ruger No1 in .303 wasn’t there neither was the new Ruger Scout rifle but I dare say it wont be long before version 3 is on its way.

Pleasing to see are UK makers such as Armalon the owner is a very nice chap. Not every rifle in the guide is shown in the exploded diagram section, it’s a pity but then again not every manufacturer would want all their secrets in the open or unqualified persons working on their products and invalidating the warranty.

There is a video section which has a single video of the French Gun Maker Demas and some silent footage (that may be my PC Settings) and the build process of some attractive double rifles. I do recommend that ARRSErs willing to give it a go look at the tutorial page, it has you tube clips on getting the best from the DVD - try here

All in all a good dvd and guide at USD $39.95 priced no worse than a decent reloading program and a lot less than a book with half of the available images and information.

Would I buy it? Well at first glance I would have said no but having had the opportunity to use it I definitely would buy it. For those not willing to part with money without trying first the media pack (click here) and the tutorials should put your mind at ease.


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