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Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by leaf, Jul 12, 2012.

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  1. my family and i are looking to move back to the UK early next year, can i bring my firearms? and if so who do i approach about it?
  2. No idea, do you have enough for everyone on here to have one as well?
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  3. I'm not 100% on the correct procedure, but I'd suggest contacting the police firearms officer in the area that you're moving to.
  4. ...and where are you moving from? EU/US/Oz?
  5. Many types of gun you can legally posess in non UK countries you have no chance of bringing here. What do you have in mind
  6. You can have your firearms shipped to a UK registered firearms dealer (RFD), who can then hold them - for a fee that you'll have to agree - whilst you go through the UK licensing process. If the firearm falls outside "Section 1", then it'll have to go to one of the few RFDs authorised to hold Section 5 and prohibited firearms. You'd be very unlikely to have such a firearm ever released to you in UK, so it wouldn't be worth bringing them into the country.

    In general, a new licence applicant in UK would have to join a regstered shooting club, serve at least a six month probation, and then apply for a a firearms licence (FAC) with the assurance that the club secretary will endorse the application.

    There are ways to shorten this procedure, i.e. for visitors and EU licence holders, but this has to be discussed and arranged with the Police force responsible for the destination address.

    A few of us Arrsers are in fact RFDs or otherwise involved with clubs/police/firearms trade, so if you list the firearms and your immigration intentions, then we can perhaps be more specific in our advice.
  7. 4(T),
    thanks for the help with my inquiry, iv not lived in the UK for some years, even then the subject of owning weapons was a touchy one and the criteria unknown to me, so any help is great, the weapons in question are;
    308 (7.62) Steyr
    35m 40c Glock
    38 special S/W
    i use them all on weekly basis especially the Steyr (hunting), and it would be great to keep it, the sidearms im sure would be more difficult, but that said , apart from their application in everyday live here, i do use them both often for PPS events. can i use them for that there?, and a good friend of mine owns hunting lodges and shooting rights in eastern Europe, so thats where i'll look to use the 308 until other opportunities for hunting are available,
    any help you can give me on shipping to the UK, keeping and using these weapons would be great.
    Many thanks Leaf
  8. I think the Glock and S/W are going to be section 5 :-(

    4(T) will know better than me but anything Section 5 you have is almost certainly doomed to failure in England but Northern Ireland, Isle of Man, Jersey etc. all have more relaxed laws on this one where I think these guns might be acceptable, just in case you are planing to settle in one of these locations.

    It is interesting to see Section 5 mentioned at this time. This weekend at Bisley there is a Section 5 shoot for civilian NRA members, and that is me fortunately :) I don't know how they managed to get this one approved, I think it must have needed Government (Home Office) approval and my impression is they wouldn't normally look kindly on such ideas.

    But to give you an idea of the conditions;

    - It had to be done while The Army were running the range to be used, which they are
    - Section 5 includes automatics and we are shooting various SMGs (don't think handguns are included) but only allowed single shot mode
    - It is one on one direct supervision from an Army instructor. There is no wondering off or around while clutching a gun

    This is for full members only, and getting to that stage is an acheivemenet in it's own right these days. It is tough getting involved with shooting in the UK.

    BTW the list of guns this weekend includes (among others) MP40 Machine Pistol, MP44, Sten gun, AK-74, AKM, SVD Dragunov and Hechler & Koch MP-5.
  9. HI fiona,
    that sound like a good day out, where's that held?
  10. Cut it down a bit for you :)
  11. Unless both your handguns are either historically significant or eminently collectable for some reason, you have very little chance of bringing them into the mainland of UK and seeing them again - unless you plan on settling in Northern Ireland, where they may still be legally owned. On the other hand, you could have them de-activated [about £80-100 each]. Be warned that the hoops of acquiring a Section 5 FAC are interminable and VERY restricting, to say the least.

    As for living elsewhere around here, the Isle of Man is not part of the UK [it is a Crown Dependancy, like Gibraltar and the Falkland Islands], and their gun-laws are somewhat odd, but you might get permission. However, getting residency there is a mite difficult, and at the moment they are not keen on handguns above .22, or so I'm told. Going to the Channel Islands, where residency sufficient to be allowed firearms, is costly, to say the least. But of course, you might be rich enough to do just that.

    With your mention of shooting in Eastern Europe, you don't seem to be a target rifle shooter, but one of the main 'good reasons' for firearms ownership in UK is the pursuit of deer-stalking. This entails you initially being mentored for a prescribed period of time - three to six months is usual - over land that you have been given permission to shoot over. So you will have at least a six-month gap while all this takes place. Joining a gun-club to pursue target shooting [another 'good reason'] is another way to get to know those members who might also be deer-stalkers, and get you introduced that way, but there is no easy way back into shooting here.

    The best advice here has already been given - make contact with an FEO in the county in which you intend to take up your permanent residence, and get the hot poop from him or her. There is no UK FAC, by the way [what a great idea that would be], so your FAC would be issued by your county of residence force only. He or she will advise you on a local RFD who will store your rifle, but the importation of the handguns is another matter altogether.

  12. As for the handguns, forget it absolutely, there's no point of any sort whatsoever in even considering bringing them. Sell them abroad.

    For the Steyr, you can as advised ship it to an RFD and then get a FAC. A target club isn't the only route; you can also, for that calibre, get permission to shoot deer on someone's land (if you have none of your own), and thus demonstrate 'need' for a stalking rifle.
  13. Everyone, thank you so much, i now have a lot better understanding of how to proceed,
    thanks again Leaf
  14. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    The pistol and revolver can be held by section 1 provided a requirement is there! "Humane destruction" etc but if you can keep them overseas until you meet the requirement then bring them in or if aesthetically rare get section 7 or import to a section 5 dealer and then sell for a profit at auction!

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  15. Aesthetically rare? IMO, a cooking .38 S&W and a .40cal whatever don't exactly blow my hat off with excitement, and I agree that here in mainland UK they might just be 'exciting' for some. However, you'd need to do some pretty imagination-filled justification to own such a pistol as the .40cal for humane despatch.

    However, I bow to your far greater knowledge on matters regarding tying fog in knots, like this post seems to be becoming.


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