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My apologies if this has been posted already - I did use the search function though.

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I've got six of one type (Mosin...), am actively trying to source and buy another (AWM), but, if I didn't live in such a sh*t country, my heart and soul would be with a third (FAL)....


Well according to that I am half manchild (straight pull AR stylee abomination) half arrsehole(10/22 but not tactical stock) undead expert operator (Mosin Nagant)

I could live with that, were I not dead.


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I'm either a juvenile zombie killer or a redneck, near enough then.
4(t), what is in the brown wrapping? A very nice collection you have there.

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4(t), what is in the brown wrapping?

Its a brand new condition, unused, No4 Mk2 (sadly the wrapping on this particular one had to be opened for a Police check)

Britain carried on making No4 Mk2s until 1955, even though the country already had a couple of million No4s in store and was about to issue the FAL. It was a "make work" scheme to keep the factory at Fazakerley going. Consequently, many thousands of unneeded brand new rifles in ordnance wrappings were simply stored, later to be sold onto the surplus markets in the 80s.



I had a friend who had collected every mark of Lee rifle from the Lee-Metford on. He kept them in a man sized cabinet he called 'Grannie'.
Six of those shown plus several others, reside in a gun safe in NM to which only I have the combination.
I guess I'm a part time schizophrenic relic with SF fantasies & a desire to kill for a can of beans.:mrgreen: