Firearm ownership in the Army?

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by Triumph_Rat, Sep 27, 2008.

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  1. Hi i already have a firearms certificate. For .22 rimfire and .17HMR. I'm about to start my CIC at Catterick on the 2nd of November. I understand that during the CIC i wont have time. And probably not aloud to bring my own guns. I'm thinking post CIC when i join my Battalion.

    I have a couple of questions.
    Is there anyway i can take my rifles with me?
    What about storage?
    Can i shoot my own guns in there?(after CIC been posted to Battalion)

    I really want to expand on my shooting sports aswell when i'm in the Army. Guns i have shot already and want to own is. Brown Bess,Martini Henry,Lee Metford(would buy a Lee Enfield). Another gun i want to own but not shot is a Baker rifle. Obviouly i would put in for a variation. For these guns.

    Heres a photo of my Henry Action .22rf lever action.
  2. as long as qm happy then u can store in armoury and u can get ok from local firearms officer quite easily when u tell them that

    apart from that all normal firearms laws apply.

    most units have gun clubs and events
  3. I'm a firearm and shotgun owner and have been for many years. I informed the local police that Imy guns would be held either in my cabinet at my own house or in the armoury at work depending on when and where I was shooting them. Police were fine as was my CQMS (me!). Cleared it through my Adjt so the guns were accounted for during armoury inspections and the like. No probs. As for using them, no problems. I'd open the armoury, take the weapon (s) and go clay shooting, pigeon or rabbit shooting on permissions near camp.
  4. If you end up posted to Germany then get a hold of me as it is quite different to the above here and as I was part of the team to re-write SOBAG 5200 I know what I am on about.
  5. Hi thanks for the replies. Next few questions are.

    How do i get in touch with the CQMS at Catterick?
    Does CQMS stand for quarter master?
    Is it alright to take my guns up on the train?
    Would i need to let the guard on the gate at Catterick know?Or anybody else?
    Do i need to bring my own .22rf ammo or do the army have some?
  6. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Woah there horsey, are you keeping them at home? If so then that will be ok for your training. Dont even expect to get any time for them during the first few weeks. You wont see your clothes if I recall so dont take your rifles up yet. Find out what you are doing after you complete training or if you complete training and then plan for that.
    When you get to your unit if its based in Britain and Not NI then it is a simple case of requesting permission from the unit and the local plod as you may come under them. The army will be your main home now and as such you will have to let your old plod know that you have moved. It may be easier to keep them at the civvy club that you will have joined near your new unit (yes you will need good reason to keep the firearms, being a squaddy doesnt count) and that is a few months away!
  7. Yes i have a gun cabinet at home. I wouldn't think its legal Ugly for me to keep my guns at home when i'm not here for 26 weeks in training. That is why i'm asking. Its either i take them into the Army with me or sell them. Which i really don't want to do. As Henry lever action rifles are pretty rare in this country. And beleave me i tried every .22 lever action rifle. The Henry wins in the balance(offhand),trigger weight,and lever action action is nice and smooth and light. Best Walnut aswell...

    I did say in my post i don't expect to have time atall during my CIC. Yeah i know all about good reason. I would join the local firearms club asap. But then i also still intend to hunt the land i have for permission back home when on leave.

    I hope to be based in Rifles 1 at Chepstow.
  8. Phone your FEO and discuss your imminent change in circumstance, take notes (so you don't forget them) and then act upon his/her recommendations.

    Do not - unless you really want to be called ‘Johnny Rambo’ for the rest of your service, or thought a ‘Swivelled-eyed walt-in-waiting’ - tip up at your new/any unit with a Bergen full of your own personal Gats and start making enquiries about whether you can borrow some ammo off the QM.

    If you can’t/don’t want to leave them in your cabinet at home during trianing; hire storage at a Home Office approved club or a RFD. Once you’ve completed training and arrived at your first posting, you can ask about getting clearance to bring your privately owned weapons into the armoury. Then, make the necessary arrangements to transfer your FAC onto the appropriate Police Authority and join a new HO approved club, if required.
  9. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    26 weeks isnt a permanent address, you are better keeping them secured at home and the cabinet keys with you than trying to take them.
    If your home situation doesnt allow that then either place them in storage at an RFD or you may have to sell or surrender them. I have clients who split their year between Sussex and Yorkshire and they leave guns at either address and are compliant with the law.
    Inform your FEO but be warned they dont always know or understand firearms laws. If there is no risk of your rifles being stolen when you are on holiday for 2 weeks then there is legally no greater risk when you are away for 26 weeks provided you can trust your parents to keep an eye on your room and check the cabinet isnt tampered with. Under no circumstances must they have access to the keys. If its that bad get a close relative to apply for an FAC and you can share the weapons on two tickets.
  10. I'd agree with all that. In simple terms, just lock the cabinets and take the keys with you. Give them all a good clean and oil before you go.

    Have fun!
  11. I would endorse everything Ugly says. Keep your guns at home during basic if you possibly can. They'll be no use to you during training, and dare I say it you're making a possibly unwise assumption that you're going to progress smoothly through training into your battalion. A lot could happen during that time. Wait until you've passed and you're in your battalion.

    That's a lovely looking rifle you've got there. I've been looking at getting a lever action for a while. What model is it, and where did you get it?
  12. The other problem you have is getting access to your rifle. If you're going on leave after duties on a Friday do you think anyone's going to want to open the armoury for you? Same when you come back from leave, its going to be Sunday evening and you want the armoury opened, good luck with that one mate.
    My advice is wait till you get to your battalion and find out what the score is, they may have a rifle club with its own weapon storage.
  13. Yeah i've decided with the above advice to leave it at home.

    LISpace its Henry action lever .22 rimfire rifle. It can fire shorts,longs and long rifle. Made in America. Has a very smooth/light lever action and light trigger. It is accurate. Well balanced. Its also a light in weight for a rifle. Even with a scope mounted. You can't screw a silencer as standard. But if you remove the front sight then you could get the barrel threaded. Henry's are that rare in this country that mine has its own proof certificate!

    I got mine from my local firearms dealer John March. At the time i was actually looking at getting a old classic or vintage .22. He got the Henry out. I came home did a little research and went back and bought it. At a very good price with the scope. All brand new. But mine dose have some damage on the reciever from shipping from America.

    Another dealer near by called Tal Arms did have one in aswell,might still have it. It had plainer wood than mine. But they were having trouble selling it. The average punter in this country just doesn't know what it is...

    Here Henry's website Web Page Name

    They do some really nice rifles have a look around.
  14. Thanks for the info on the rifle and I'll start researching with that. I have a moderator fitted to my Brno but I probably wouldn't want to spoil the look of a Henry by fitting one!

    Best of luck in training.
  15. John March eh...

    A good man! I bought a Greener GP from him years ago for Bunny Bashing at Blandford...

    Got a bit concened about bouncing about in the back of a Lannie at night with my Winchester.