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Firearm jet ban for 3 inch model.

It just goes to show how stupid the numpty airport security checkers are.

The real reason for employing such people is to reduce the dole queue,where about 99% of these people would be otherwise.


The world has gone ******* mad and is now out of control.

Its the ultra paranoid red tape gang that's the problem here and not the ******* toy rifle.

Its time to get some of that Egyptian teen spirit in our souls i reckon.


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If the security system is so inflexible that it can't deal appropriately with something that obviously isn't a threat how can we trust it to deal appropriately with things that may be a threat?

I don't think the security people are necessarily stupid, I'm sure that they know that a plastic action man rifle is not a threat to aircraft security but the rules they operate under are so inflexible that they cannot make sensible descisions. A gunlike object must be banned because its on their checklist. What worries me is that they may not be capable of dealing with a threat isn't on their checklist.

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