Firearm ID for Media scum.

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by No_Duff, Aug 20, 2012.

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  1. Firearm ID for Media scum.

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  2. Shouldn't that be "deadly" assault rifles?

    Along with "deadly arsenal" (gat gun, bb gun and a de-act), and "deadly ammunition" (two tins of air rifle pellets)...
  3. 'Semi-automatic pistol'. Bah.
  4. And don't forget that anything green and with tracks is a tank...
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  5. I call it the Weather Balloon syndrome.

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  6. ...and I it was reported that an Olympic competitor had referred to air gun pellets as bullets, I am more of a mind it was lazy reporting rather than a verbatim quote.
  7. Unless it's a forest.
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  8. Might have been an old school reporter taking notes in shorthand. If you have ever used teeline, you will know that similar sounding words can appear identical on paper.
  9. Don't forget, they always say how many rounds can be fired per minute: the Daily Mail always did this with the MAC-10 in the little "factfile" to one side of the main story. "600 rounds per minute", if the shooter can reload at the speed of light..
  10. To the hole.

    I suspect neither the press or their readers give a flying **** about gun nut minutiae. I certainly don't.
  11. Dont forget the line " used by elite special forces troops" which usually accompanies such articles
  12. Wash your mouth out!!!

    (Or are you really saving up to become a vegan?)
  13. And fair enough, why should they/you, no reason at all of course. The press will carry on mangling this matter as they do with just about everything else they report on
  14. The other one that gets me is "armed police" when referring to the police of other countries, given that "unarmed police" would be more noteworthy in most of the world.
  15. As you will have read here, the problem isn't just that the language used is inaccurate but it sensationalises as well and i think that most thinking people would give a flying most things about that.

    There is little doubt in mind that gun crime in the US is exacerbated by the TV news channels. I have spent quite a deal of my life in the US and even local early evening news (the equivalent of South Today with Sally Taylor) is full of gun carnage.