Fire Up The Outrage Bus

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Twattipus, Aug 3, 2011.

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  1. They should be sent to a gulag, tax payers money should not be wasted feeding/sheltering these scumbags....give them hard labour!
  2. SO due to his noteriety he gets the press are outraged, bumping up his profile even futher, seems the tabloids should be fitting the bill tbh.

    As for the Copper, why should she not get anything she didn't say she had a bad back, she had stress (Yes it is fucking real!) so going on a light hearted TV gameshow shouldn't preclude her.
  3. Meanwhile in the real world
  4. That is the real world. She probably found it eased her stress to compete on a gameshow. In fact, stand by for lots of claims against the police for their failure to send stressed officers on to tv gameshows.
  5. EH? Sport/competing is probably one of the better "Cures" for stress, look it up.
  6. Oooooh, I love soup, though I prefer Oxtail to Gulag.
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  7. I am outraged that no one has mentioned that Shoesmith bitch who presided over the social services fiasco in the baby P outrage / scandle / disgrace, and is now trying to claim millions for unfair dismissal.
  8. So is going back to the job that pays your wage.
    My (limited) understanding of stress related illnesses is that the individual shuns the company of others and prefers to hide away, rather than take part in a high profile TV show watched by millions - she didn't look very stressed to me. She is really taking the proverbial and not doing a good job for the sisterhood.
  9. Blame Ed Balls for that one, don't follow proper procedures as an employer, prepare to pay out lots of money. Political show boating at its worst.
  10. Ah yes, the woman who is suing because she was sacked without the proper procedures being followed. Of course if Haringay council hadn't caved to pressure from Ed Balls and had followed the proper procedure instead of going for some quick good press in the wake after the Death of "Baby P" then she'd have been out on her arse with no hope of any pay out, but lets not let the facts get in the way of some good outrage though eh?
  11. "LEVI Bellfield has already cost taxpayers £4million in legal aid."

    No, that would be the lawyers.

    String the fat cunt up!

  12. Hide behing procedures - she was negligent..end of.
  13. If the PC was hot I would have loads of sympathy for her- but since she looks like a bull dogs nadgers that have been stung by a wasp she deserves no sympathy at all. in fact maybe we could use the outrage bus to run her over and thus put her out of her (and our) misery.
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  14. I suggest making the best use of the aforementioned vehicle whilst you still can, as rumour has it it's getting axed and contracted out to National Express.
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