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Fire up the outrage boards - Cowabunga!

Although i have a problem with disorders people have to get on the course i don't disagree with the idea behind it.
You don't disagree that these people will still have their phony depression and fake disorders once this short but expensive course has finished so will still require medicinal means of controlling the anguish they feel deep in side, boo hoo etc.

I personally think the whole idea is a load of w@nk. Cheers for your input though :D
If it is indeed phony then of course they will, but using activities that they can then do themselves after the course has finished that involves them getting outside and active if they are depressed i don't thinkn is a bad thing especially if it negates long term medication for things like depression then i'm all for it, but treating chavvy mongs with anger issues i am not for.

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