Fire Strikes

As I'm new I thought I'd start off with a new topic - can't find an old thread on the subject - anyhow here goes: Picture the scene, 1978, a Drill hall somewhere in the NW, very close to a major port. 150 Crabs & a Company of Angle Irons tucked up in their maggots on the drill hall floor.
Duty Crab from the Ops room goes for a dump. Finds all crappers full to over flowing. Has a brilliant idea. Unreels fire hose in corridor, pushes out window, inserts in main sewer outside, turns on full.
Trouble is its in wrong hole !!!
Ten minutes later bog is like a line of dancing brown fountains. Drill hall full of green maggots close to floating in a sea of sh1t !!!
Duty Crab was shovelling and hosing for days !!!
The good news was I couldn't go into work for days until the carpets had been changed in the Regs offices :mrgreen:

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