Fire Strikes once more - No Op Fiasco this time!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by gt5952, Oct 19, 2009.

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  1. If its been covered elsewhere, sorry.

    News is in that Fire Service is once more considering laying down its hoses over employment issues:

    Personally, I think the Fire Service shouldnt be allowed to strike, just as the Police and Army arent allowed to strike. Thats not to say that the Firefighters dont have a valid point, its just their method of execution, by holding the country to ransom is unproffesional and dangerous, no matter what safeguards are put in place.

    The Strike probably wont go ahead, and someone will resind whatever they said etc etc, but if they were to strike, we no longer have Green Goddesses, the Army is stretched like a piece of gum, close to snapping point and the TA is stood down.

    Perhaps we can employ the Boys Brigade... or the Scouts to help out?
  2. It looks like more and more Firefighters are volunteering to be part of the Emergency cover... Hmmm, perhaps they dont want to strike? Comdrade Stalin must be at work somewhere, propped up by Maggie... Good old Maggie...
  3. Yep... firefighters are a bunch of cnuts when it comes to pay - they already get a shitload of wedge. I've yet to pass a firestation and see a shite car parked in their carpark.

    Lets go Roman - decimation time. Every strike we sack a random 10% and let them go and find a better paid job, we've got a recession on, easy to find replacements.
  4. Another public sector group (like the posties), with no idea what is going on in the real world AGAIN!
  5. Firefighters are the lowest form of life.

    When in 2002 the men and women of our Armed Forces were preparing to deploy on what at the time was assessed as being a full scale chemical war with Iraq, these people walked out of protecting the citizens of this country. This led to our service personnel having to divert themselves away from Op training to cover firefighting duties.

    The greed and self-indulgence of firefighters cannot be underestimated.

    Having signed up to protect citizens they abandoned society for their own greed. Never forget the treachery and selfishness of Firefighters! I won't and whenever I can I will treat them like the scum that they are.
  6. And you'll never dream of calling them out if your house is burning down will you? :roll:
  7. Use the TA, they've not got much on.
  8. No I would rather be burnt alive that be rescued by them - and I have written to the local station to tell them so.
  9. You're strange!
  10. Excuse me, but you are so full of shit! You'd rather be burned alive than call out the Fire Brigade? And what of your family? Would you rather they died as well?

    I strongly suggest you consult a psychiatrist to help you deal with your issues.
  11. £10 says he changes his mind when the room starts to fill with smoke.

    ...Though I do think firefighters need to get a grip. Once the government realises public opinion is turning on them, they'll wind up like the Armed Forces.
  12. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    Why don't the authorities take the same view as the Royal Mail.

    You go on strike - fine, we will take in temproary replacements to cover you whilst you are whinging. In this case, invite out of work TA guys to cut about in Green Godesses. TA then get training days, pass the BFT if they run up the tower if a hose on their arm and it can all come out of the Fire Service budget.


  13. I'd dont think I'd say no to them pulling my smouldering arse out of a burning house, but that doesnt overide the point that they are selfish tosspots.

    Have you seen the fire stations? Hardly a tough environment to live in. Yes, the job may be demanding, for however long the shout is, but on return to the station, nice hot shower, food, tv and a bed to sleep in.

    And for this, they get paid a wage.

    If they dont like it, sign off, and let someone else with more ambition and drive take over!

    I think the problem is, too many of these firefighters are putting the world to rights over a brew. Last Fire Strikes, the temptation to plough into the firemen outside their station in my green goddess was overwhelming. Thank God I had a sense of duty not to damage our vehicle at the time!
  14. Agree with both views here, yes if my families or my life was in danger of course Id call them out but as said Many of us had to bear the ON THE BUS OFF THE BUS saga of Op Fresco. Many of us were away from families having to come over from Germany to cover their strikes from the August to December followed by training till the lead up of Op Telic 1. The Fire Brigade didnt give a Rats ARRSE about us then and yes those months we were covering the strikes meant even more time away from loved ones. Some lads I know spent around eleven months away from their families in that year. Do you really think the Fire STRIKERS cared about us then.