Fire Strikes Off. Fresco to stand down?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by smokey, Aug 26, 2004.

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  1. Just been on BBC Radio4 and BBC TV News. Agreement reached. Confirmed by FBU at 1307. Will Fresco now be stood down?
  2. Nice to get some good news for a change.
  3. Although Prescot's lawyers are going through the aggreement with a fine tooth comb at the mo. Seem to recall this happening with an "agreement" prior to the last holiday outing?
  4. That's only necessary because "Two Jags" cannot deal with the basic rules of grammar, syntax and punctuation involved in reading, writing and even speaking the queens english. :D

    The last agreement came back covered in pie stains and red crayon.............. :roll:
  5. Bloody whinging trumptons nit picking over Bank Holidays though.... the whole thing could've been resolved a few days ago if it wasn't for that!
  6. Not bloody whinging employers nit picking then ? Strange that is was the employers who wouldn't agree to their own form of words weeks ago.

    Stick to firing guns, it's obviously easier for you than thinking.
  8. Please add something to the debate shortfuse. Otherwise why don't you toddle off back to the playground and carry on with your name calling........TRUMPTON......he he he........ :lol:
  10. As it's so boring, stop posting on it then......leave room for someone interesting. :p
  11. There's going to be a lot of homeowners dissapointed. Think of all the hobbles the Trumpton's are going to have to give up now they have to work on the Bank Holiday.

    My Nan was so looking forward to having her garden tended by a moaning, striking trumpton.
  12. Thats more like it rug rat :D

    Your Nan ain't gonna be the only female member of your family dissapointed we can't pop around any more :D
  13. Petty.

    As this has no doubt been mentioned this is the ARMY Rumour Service so please avoid contaminating our happy space with your puerile inane banter.

    On an educational front the British Army does more than "Fire Guns" hence the spread of career paths within it. Putting out fires however is one remit we would've rather avoided.

    Just remember who had to pick up the pieces when you "heroes" were doing what you do best mindlessly whinge about how much you earn. If you wanted more money maybe staying on at school and embarking on a more skilled career path would have been a good idea.

    'nuff said.
  14. you fire guns, we squirt water - simple as that isn't it........or it is when it applies to the FS.

    Read my past posts - never complained about the money, also got a degree, so that did me no good either :D

    'Nuff said