Fire strike question

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Mighty_doh_nut, Aug 15, 2004.

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  1. Membership of the FBU isn't 100% as we know, and there is in some watches more non union members than members.

    When and if the workshy go on strike what happens to those non union members?

    Will they be used in a supervisory role in support of the Forces crews?

    Genuine question, not p1sstaking
  2. No they won't be used to supervise service personnel.The reason is that they are left open should anything happen to service personnel if us workshy lot do strike.Now thats not me saying this,this is the Government.That is why it is military trainers who will be giving you your one weeks training at Moreton and not Fire Service instructors.

    The overwhelming majority are in the union.In our area nearly all who left have now rejoined and we have actually recruited more than during the dispute.What will happen to non union members who are supposed to be on duty on a strike day.My guess is they won't report.
    1/We all have to work together again after the strike
    2/most of them are extremely****ed off not getting their long overdue pay rise and I think some floating day holidays will be put in for on that strike day.
    No this time I am sorry to say but you will really have to concentrate on your induction week because this time there won't be fire-crews turning out when a mobile phone rings.
    Coming through loud and clear is there will be no picketting.Take the stations and the modern engines because we won't be using them.

    One little glimmer though is I have heard that Prescott has told the employers to get back to the table on the 27th.
  3. So will those who aren't in the union then be in breach of thier contract if they fail to report for work?

    Surely noone will swallow a mass exodus of sick notes..

    Will those who arent in the union who fail to report be liable for pay?

    Surely the way forward for the trumptonites is not to be in the crappy union and not be at work anyway, therefore no union fees monthly and you still get paid when the less bright amongst you are on strike.
  4. I believe the Defence Fire Service (Army) will train and supervise service personal. They will also attend major fires providing command and control.

    They have already started localised training in readiness for the next Fresco
  5. But surely the non striking firemen are still bound by thier contracts?

    Even if its 10% that aren't members of the union....
  6. Why are we pandering to this Fireshirker shit again?.............they strike; we dont; we are honour bound to abide by our oaths of allegiance; they have the Bank of England to believe in. Lets face it we feckin hate the strikeing feckers ...and they dont care..............................for anyone! As Moody said on another thread....leave em to it and ignore them.
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  15. So is anyone going to answer the question... How are the hundreds of absenses going to be justified that day by the none union members?

    Are they better off in that they will be paid should they be off sick or whatever workshy excuse they come up with.

    Will they be made to take a compulsary holiday that day?