Fire service defends running ban

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Radovan, Dec 13, 2005.

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  1. He said: "This was a serious judgment for us. Our insurance excess is more than £1m so this is money that has to be found in the budget.

    I think a better insurance policy would be a better place to start....
  2. Keeping the fire station clean might help, too. Bumpering the floor would do them good!
  3. £100,000 for torn ligaments in his knee which ended his career!

    My mate was shot through both legs by an incompetent RMP and all he got was 46k!
  4. Perhaps he couldn't do his second job either, so was claiming for two lost careers.
  5. To hit one leg-good shot. To hit both-how's that incompetent?
  6. this annoys the fook out of me , if youre going to effing run up and down the bay then check its bloody safe to do so in the first place ..fook sake this kind of reporting is what the press and you lot love ..100k for a lost career is nout , but the point is that the fireman should bear some responsibility for his own safety ..recent events highlights this ..shameful
  7. It used to happen VB, when there was a lot more pride and professionalism. For many years the fire service took a lot of ex-servicemen, but that changed in the mid 1970s. The kit is better now, but not necessarily the people.
  8. Clearly you've no idea how much employers liability insurance (legal requirement) is? By carrying a high level of excess they reduce the premium and hence the cost to the council tax payer!!

    It's just a bu**er when you have to pay out!! Good incentive to manage your company properly although I accept we're talking fire service here :twisted:
  9. He slipped on dust!!

    FFS, was he charging around in his socks???

    A firefighter slips and falls (on dust) during training...........Je- fcuking -sus, what chance did he have in a blazing building.
  10. Bielefeld, 1990-ish?
  11. Surely the station head shuold take some of the wrap for running the station in a manner that breached health and safety conditions.

    Blundering fools!
  12. Had to be a scouser claiming!!
    Obviously couldn't find a paving stone to trip over.

  13. Spot on Speedy. Did you know him?