Fire Service bans staff flying flags

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by india-juliet, Jun 28, 2006.

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  1. Members of Southampton's Sikh & Muslim community have criticised Fire bosses for banning England flags from buildings and vehicles.

    Hants Fire & Rescue said it may upset other nationalities, however Sikhs & Muslims in the City have rubbished claims they would be offended by the flag of St. George.

    Sikh community leader Baldev Singh said the England flag did not cause any problem in the ehnically diverse neighbourhood.

    A local Muslim resident Abdi Yusef said " Im supporting England and we are going to kick Portugal from behind"!!

    I bet that has shut the gobs of the PC Brigade!!!
  2. Click here

    However the paper has more than what is online..
  3. Good on him. The idea that a national flag could cause offence to those not of the same nationality is total b*llocks. The people who champion this idea are hand wringing liberal lefties who feel somehow guilty for the actions of a sad minority who use the same flag for xenophobic purposes. What a load of sh*t. How many times do we hear this same story about the banning of flags? This ultra PCness really gets on my t*ts and it's patronising to the very people the lefties are claiming to protect. They'd have a f*iggin embolism if they came round my estate and saw some of the gaffs done up with St Georges flags and bunting! Grrrrrrrrrr!
  4. Again, non-politicians having a go at politicking and non-PR experts pretending to be experts.
  5. The Hants council should of told them to shove off. Even Whitehall has flipping union jacks along it at the moment which is packed with visiting nationalities as well as the mass diverse staff that work along that road. I even noted a jaguar sporting two St. George flags at its back window turning into Downing Street last week - no exaggeration!

    I wish they were made to state why they think it would cause offense instead of jumping a very weak and lame bandwagon.
  6. They shouldn't have them (on vehicles) becuase they look rubbish, and apparently our national pride only appears whenever we play sports.
  7. I think our national pride is always in place but boils over when we play sport and have something to celebrate such as a Jubilee.
  8. So flying the flag of England in England is offensive?

    Pathetic really. The English flag should be flying from all public building at all times as far as I am concerned. We should not need a crap acting event such as the World Cup to have an excuse to fly the flag of our country in our country.

    How come no one ever tells the Jocks that flying a Scottish flag in Scotland might upset a non-Scot?

    Thank f*** I do not live in UK these days - it has gone to rat shit under Scum Blair. As far as I can see there will be no point in bothering my arrse with it until after that parasite and his cronies have been thrown out of office, and preferably shot too.
  9. It gets better:

    Alton Towers is banning the English for a day on Sunday 17th September when it is holding an "Islamic fun Day" bars will be shut, music turned off, segregated adult ride areas and halal food stalls & prayer areas will be provided.

    Imagine Alton Towers having an English only fun day?

    What country are we living in again?
  10. Do you have a link for that W_P? Please say that you don't, lie to me W_P lie to me.
  11. A contradiction in terms, surely?
  12. Is that not racial/religious discrimination. If I turn up at the gates on that day, and get refused entry due to me being white and English, can I not report them/sue them?