Fire Power Demo Warminster (Land Combat Dem)

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by emptyeye, Oct 10, 2007.

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  1. Just wanted to say that Tuesdays demo was the biz, it pi$$ed it down all day, but the guys were still doing it, showing how its meant to be done, very professional I have to say.

    Even had the experience of an Apache live firing down range about 20m from me head, awsome bit of kit.

    Well done to all!!!

    Looking forward to 2008
  2. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    Dont suppose anyone took some vid? always wanted to see one of these.
  3. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    I was also there yesterday.

    Great day - good effort lads, some difficult conditions for firing and the gunnery by the AFV crews was very good.

    Good drills for the CVR(T) Scim crew that clearly had a stoppage on Round 4 of the automatic shoot and then bang out the last 2 rounds before your time was up. Also good shooting from the two moving CR2 crews onto Recce Ridge.

    My sympathy but full respect goes out to the lad who played the injured soldier right in the middle of the mud bath in front of the stand - the Fijian who picked you up also lifted the half of Salisbury Plain stuck to your kit!!!

    Well Done and thank you.
  4. You tube has some bits from last year it looks like

    You Tube
  5. I too was there on Tuesday. Good Demo and it was nice to see that they dragged some of the new gucci kit out to fire. Was a bit of a shame that we couldn't see the impact of some of the weapons.

    Bad drills from the two Grenade blokes on the first demo. The section closest to the stand took ages to pull the pin and the guy on the far section missed :D

    Squiilions of cadets there. I know that they're only a youth club but someone should grip the adult instructors. I told one that his button was undone and he just looked at me like I was on another planet. Another had the tightening sting on his beret hanging halfway down his neck.
  6. I went yesterday (Wednesday) and it was fantastic, Apache, javelin etc were brilliant and as for the GMG........ I wouldn't like to be on the receiving end - mind you wouldn't like to be on the receving end of any of it! I still think it's the greatest show on earth and well done the Dukes - absolutely brilliant!

    I've got some video clips but they are a bit jumpy when played on a PC/lap top - any ideas how to make the clips run more smoothly
  7. Was there on Monday. As said earlier, Apache firing onto recce ridge with that chain gun was the shiz!! Didn't pi$$ it down which was good. Yorkshires and RTR did a good job overall
  8. The most realistic bit was the complete and utter wankiness of the attempts to play the coy/sqn gp attack radio messages across the PA system:

    "hello 0, this is recce, Sighting, 3 times crickle crackle cruncle absolutely vital that you buzz buzz whir or you'll die horribly in minutes shizzy whizy bim bim"

    followed by the bored officer on the tannoy giving it a crisp "roger, out" with the subtext "I didn't get a word of that and I don't give a feck"... :lol:

    Reminded me of many a happy hour spent failing to communicate - although, it may of course be a supremely accurate representation of Bowman in action...
  9. Had the privilege of doing a few of these when we were Demo. Bn. in the late 80's and always thought it was a good show. Is there any way that a fat, nostalgic ex-Mortar 2 i/c could get along to see one of these or is it serving members only nowadays?
  10. Definitely not just serving... Appeared to be mostly cadets, schools and training establishments (Sandhurst, Navy cadets etc), but also a significant sprinkling of what looked like 'pure civvies'. Some were obvious retired officer types, others could have been anyone.

    What I don't know is how they got their allocation. You could try speaking to a friend still serving, I suppose?
  11. They're coming up the hill.

    Good lads.
  12. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    The 'pure civvies' I brought along where Defence related business, we got the tickets on the Old Boys network. On that point, I think it is invaluable that civvies who deliver defence contracts get to see their end user - this is perhaps the most effective way of doing it in the current environment.

    How to get tickets? - I would suggest getting in touch with a mucker at either LWC BG, LWC or LAND itself. Good Luck - they are like Rocking Horse Poo unless you have a contact in the know.
  13. Or go to Sandhurst. It's only a year.
  14. Worked at the Firepower demo last week. The Yorks really put a sh1tload of effort into making it a success. Especially the Combined arms demo at the end which evolved from Monday (which was good) to an excellent demo Tues onwards. The rain and mud on Tuesday made it interesting. A good "one Army" effort well done the STABS the show wouldn't have been the same without you. (even though we didn't get an official meantion!)
  15. Yep, my mate has a good vid of the display but it is on facebook, and i doubt that you are already one of his 'mates'. Will let you know if he puts it on

    PS, the javelin was AWESOME!!!