Fire Pit - Yes or No?

It's alright constructing a fire pit but do you have a No. 1 burner to put in it?
Car tyres get a fire going really well.
And for a long fecking time. Think how much he could save on wood. There is also the added benefit of the extra flavours added to any food cooked on it...
Got this for Christmas some years back. It also came with a grill and an attachment for cooking pizzas on.

I believe it’s marketed as the “Hacienda fire pit.”

Pretty good for sitting round and it’s portable so you can take it camping. It’s got a mesh lid so sparks don’t fly out of it.

Thinking about building something more permanent when I can be arsed. Another one of the thousands of jobs I want to do to this house / garden.View attachment 488407
So just to be clear, you got the little girl in the pink outfit a few years back for Christmas....
There's apparently ones you can get that are installed in your kitchen..

Just sayin..
Don't know if they still make the tomato one, but it was blerrie lush with sharp cheddar.
I used to make these fire pits from gas bottles but I never got a decent price for them for the work involved, which includes burning off all the powder coat and galvanising, bending the legs on a jig, cutting & welding , high temp paint. People wouldn't even pay £25 for them so it wasn't worth it.

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