Fire Piquet

The one duty I hated was fire piquet. Stag on a weekend was bad enough but for some reason known only to the army, fire piquet lasted for a week or more. Stuck in a room with so many others for a week without being able to go for a pint was purgatory to me, but what was the point? Why a whole bloody week?

Some on here must have had to do it? Dragging an old handcart with hoses made of canvas that had very dubious water holding qualities and what for? I know it is a while ago since I was in but even then 999 was the number to ring for the fire brigade (I'm talking Catterick here) so what was it all about?

Does it still happen?
Yes fire piquet still happens but it has been updated from a cart to a battered landrover and trailer if your lucky. It is manned by the guard and 2ic and only lasts as long as your on guard. Depending on the unit can be a week or 24hrs.

That reminds me of an incident while i was guard comd one weekend at 30pigs many yrs ago when the crew went the wrong way round camp across the parade sq, through the pads estate wheel spinning across the grass at speeds only done by jenson button to recieve a phone call by the adjutant walking his dog to make a note in the occurance book of excellent fire drills but it was only a practice
I remember being on guard/fire piquet in Lisburn. We were called out to a skip fire on the married quarters, which turned out to be one of those half arctic numbers which some pad had chucked his bbq ashes into, torching the entire contents.

We got all 4 hoses out (bloody thing was glowing red hot) and proceeded to fill it up with water. Job done.

We were thanked in the morning for our work, and off we went. I was told by the Guard Commander a couple of days later that the QM had gone nuts. The skip was for garrison building rubbish (pallets, roof members that type of thing) and they were paying for the disposal by weight. They got billed for the skip as the heat and sudded cooling by us had warped it to hell and also several thousand gallons of water had bumped the cost up no end. Broke up and otherwise boring Lisburn guard.
We used to lug the hand cart around, the duty Sgt would put a couple of milk crates up in a sort of tower and then call out the fire picket we always had to run to the furthest point from the guard house and attempt to knock down the milk crate tower. One year we charged round set it up and on came the water, down went the crates and off went the water, only we had managed to pour water through the open window behind the tower, completely drowning the officers dinning room!

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