Fire of the Dark Triad by Asya Semenovich

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I read a lot of Sci Fi even before I was a spotty youth but back in the day it was more Isaac Asimov and his fascination with robots and the rules for same. A few years back I rediscovered my love of Sci Fi and dove into a new and exciting world. Planets and new craft able to travel for billions of miles through space etc. I was excited to see this book from a new author, one of an increasing breed of female sci fi writers, most of whom do excellent work.

The story doesn’t involve much travel, instead there are mirror worlds of the earth, identical to it in geography. It was discovered how to pass through to these alternate Earths and they were colonised. However, Earth decided that they would break all links and let them develop by themselves, except for keeping an eye on the development of their science. If it looked like they were getting near to potentially attacking the Earth, then that technology was destroyed by Earth forces. Then the Dark Triad part comes in. Earth has been manipulating the DNA of its citizens to make people more like superhumans and part of that meant breeding out ‘bad’ traits. Unfortunately, over centuries, this had the effect of stultifying growth and industry. Earth technology was standing still and to rectify this Headhunters were sent to the alternate Earths to find people with high Dark Triad scores and persuade them to come to Earth and work on existing projects or develop new ideas.
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The tale is about a Headhunter and his mission to find and persuade someone to come to earth. However, its more, much more than just that. It has an excellent story line, believable characters, areas are briefly discussed which may spark some thoughts in your own mind. I found it very well written, fascinating and an excellent read. I can only commend it to you dear readers!

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