Fire nco....What a cop out

I`ve just started my ufnco`s corse and it seems to me that you just end up being the RSM`S bitch.Everything rolls downhill as we all know,but this really has opened may eyes to how much shit these guys get.Can you imagine going up to the QM and saying:

Sir i need to put an indent in for works service for more fire exits in such and such a place

Your gonna end up with a resounding fcuk off in your ear because the yearly budget has been allocated

o.k so you go to the C.O. and say

Sir i need to have more extingushers at the mess function

sorry l/cpl knife fork spoon but thats all you get

again it`s all money so people start to cut corners,and if it all gets bent out of shape at the function then guess who gets it in the neck

sorry to give it loads on here but if anyone else has done this corse you`ll know what i`m bangin on about

also you seem to end up as a leper case because whenever yor cutting about people run a mile
give us some decent feed back on this cause i could end up closing a bar close to you soon
Try closing the officers mess due to them posh knobs being a fire hazard an' all. :wink:
Or alternatley, set light to the gaff. That'll show 'em. It may involve a period on the Motor Cycle Training Course though.
If you're not happy, do what every other firman does.........strike!

Get down the Guardoom, make sure that you've locked the fire piquet barrow so that scab labour can't use it. Leave a placard at the end of the guardroom path with ' Honk if you support your Firemen (or fireman in your case)' on it. Have a bucket next to it for contributions (SSAFA might have something to say about feeding your kids on Kit-e-Kat). Refuse to attend fires if there is no danger to human life (rules out the Rodneys Polo Stables!)

Lets see how much they appreciate your then.
Make sure you have documented every one of your observations and the response you have had back from the unit.

Copy each of these to the unit fire officer and your file.

They will provide an invaluable reference for either:

a. the Div or Brigade Fire Advisors visit
b. the board of enquiry.

I don't know enough about the UF NCO's role, but you must have some sort of remit to deal direct with the local Defence Fire Advisor?
the fire nco closed down the bar at HQ SIB last year as unsafe..... i couldn't think of an action more unsafe myself.

good laughs all round though!!
The UFNCO or the UFSM and even the local DFA have no powers to close down any MOD property. They do not possess the "section 10" that the Local Fire Authority (who also have no authority on MOD property) have when dealing with unsafe premises.

The only thing you can do (as a UFNCO) is submit in writing your "safety" points/problems up the chain of command via the UFSM first.

Remember that ultimatley the CO of the unit is responsable for fire safety. If lives are lost and he/she WAS warned (you will need a paper trail) then they will be the one up in front of the judge.

Ive doen the UFNCO course, had a great time. Loved the practical but after learning the regs and how to implement fire safety you have the rug pulled from under you as really you cannot do that much about it unless your unit is commited and has the resources to supply new kit etc.


Can anyone tell me if there is a currency for being a Unit Fire NCO ? If it is documented anywhere I'd appreciate a link to it.

I completed my course in January 2005 with the Army.


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