Fire Mission what??

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by Proximo, Jul 5, 2006.

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  1. Right folks - I need to guage the prevailing opinion of the assembled masses, and qualifying statements as well, if possible.

    We switched away from saying 'Fire Mission Battery' with the imposition (sorry, 'adoption') of BATES, resulting in an abortion of Fire Discipline which told us to say 'Fire Mission x Guns'.

    Question: Now that BATES has shuffled on and been put out to pasture, is the time right to return to the more traditional 'Fire Mission Battery', '...Regiment' or indeed '...All Available'?

    I am very much in favour of this. It seems to me that once we did away with specifying a target number in the initial Warning Order to make life easier for BATES operators, we should have scrubbed the 'x Guns' as well.

    ODOPS is being rewritten, so we have a chance to make some changes here...

    Anyone think otherwise?
  2. Does this mean in the 5 years I haven't been a real Gunner, I've avoided the introduction and extraduction of BATES?

    Did they ever get round to writing an L118 module for it?

    When did we stop using "All Available"?

    I can see I have some catching up to do now I am to be allowed to blow stuff up again :oops:

    I would say, "go back to using Bty, x Btys, Regt" but that would imply I had ever done otherwise. I wondered why the youngsters sucked their teeth at my Fire (in)Discipline;-)
  3. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave LE Good Egg (charities)

    Action Action Action FM Bty was always a loin stirring call for fire
  4. I voted for Fire Mission Battery.

    What's a Fire Mission Battery?
  5. During Op Telic 1 Fire Mission All Available was given at least once by 7 RHA, (according to the RA Journal anyway), I assume they wern't using BATES.
  6. Luckily i missed the BATES era as well so Fire Mission Bty etc was all i knew and was as flexible as you could ever need, i presume missions such as FPF's still existed with BATES ?...

    Dont tell me they got rid of Slidex and Mapco as well..... lol
  7. This is my type of fire mission / order thingy.

    "Be advised, we got zips in the wire down here"

    "Roger your last, Bravo Six. Can't run it any closer. We're hot to trot and packing snake and nape, but we're bingo on fuel."

    "For the record, it's my call! Dump everything you've got left on my pos! I say again, expend all remaining in my perimeter! It's a lovely ******* war. Bravo Six out."

    Grrrrrr Woooof

  8. With current government spending, manning and retention plans, it looks like there probably wont be a need for 'battery' or 'regiment' - You'll probably be calling "Fire mission, the gun"

  9. Fire Mission Army

    Now thats a call :D

  10. Well when the mission you are on batteries have run out you need to dispose of them by chucking them on the fire

    Hope that explains all
  11. Mmmm Fire Mission Battery. would work a treat with FCA/voice. However, as I understand it, FC BISA will be using the same sort of allotment process as BATES. So if FM Bty were re-introduced (and I'm a huge fan of that!!), it would have to go again in the not too distant future.

    Wiggly amp Freaks feel free to correct me if i'm wrong!!
  12. I think I was nearby and didn't have enough fingers to count the rounds going out! :lol:

  13. MG - let's wait and see what FCBISA does - I for one am utterly sick of being promised the Earth by these swept-up IS deliverers!

    Bring back FM Bty! :D
  14. I also heard someone on the Net say: "Whack those rimjims over there, be a good chap Johno!"

    How the world moves on..... :D
  15. Fire Mission Bty

    Would that be a UK Bty or a German Bty?

    Now THOSE were the days