Fire Mission - Over

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by CrapSpy, Sep 2, 2005.

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  1. Grid - 337 457.

    Direction - Don't know, haven't got a compass.

    Tgt - Gypsy camp in open.

    Danger close.

    Can any of you Gunners out there suggest a suitable ammunition that will not only eradicate the Gypsies on my doorstep, but will also safely remove the open toilet they have created next door to my kids' nursery? I'm thinking of FAE but am worried about collatoral damage.
  2. Artillery may be a problem, its not especially acurate for such a small area. Have you thought of requesting Aviation??

    We have recently bought some very nice Apaches who would I am sure be willing to assist (30mm chain gun would suffice, from the quote below i think it would sort out their caravans!!!

    "The usual ammunition is the "M789 High-Explosive Dual Purpose (HEDP)" round, which features an armor-piercing hollow charge with a fragmenting case. The HEDP round can penetrate 5 centimeters (2 inches) of rolled steel armor".
  3. MLRS loaded with Bomblet? Cocktailed with a few rounds of 155 mm airburst to deal with any survivors and phos to burn the caravans and transits down to the ground

    Not particularly accurate but could remove the whole grid square

    God I hate pikies......thieving gypsy cnuts
  4. Good point, they fly over the site about 5 times a day anyway. Should be easy enough to lay down some 30mm and flachettes.
  5. A snippet in yesterday's Telegraph of a farmer who persuaded them to move by telling them he was about to turn his muck-spreader on the field.
  6. i'd load with a combination of DSS people and tax inspectors.

    ... that'll shift the thieving tax dodging, benefit scrounging, stinking, work shy, fridge dumping, tyre burning, fly tipping,caravan living, transit driving,feral childerened, interbreeding C_UNTS!!

    i 'ates em.
  7. Forget arty and air crapspy, I am thinking along the lines of getting engineers to tunnel until under the site, plant a great big fcuk-off mine, blow it, and then a massed infantry charge line-abreast, Russkie-at-Stalingrad-stylee, URRRAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

    Or perhaps talk to your friendly local submariner, have the lot removed by Tomahawk or Trident.... no wait your property value might suffer...
  8. Could always ask to borrow one of these??

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  9. Aren't we supposed to refer to them in more acceptably PC terms. So its not so much Stinking Thieving Work Shy Robbing Gypsy Cnuts but Friendly Romany Travelling types.

    I seem to recall that VIZ magazine ran into a similar problem in the 90's and had to tone it down.

    A mixed Bn size force comprised of teenage Chavs and other local inbred jellyheads and mongs could be sent in to mop up. That would be a scrap worth watching
  10. you sure you want to include the spams on this? they will probably take out crapspys' house and the nursery- but leave the gypsies intact
  11. Fc you are so right, OMG sorry CrapSpy hope you are still there!!!

    Maybe we could get a crab to fly it (obviously not today as they will have all knocked off for the weekend by now!)

  12. Fcuk me lads.......... Do you not think this might be a little overkill for a 1mm thick aluminium Caravan?

    Why not do what we did once: After a heavy night in the local Boozer, get a few of the bigger locals and go round there with baseball bats.....

    Worked for us!

  13. £50 and a few bottles of pop, we could do it ourselves (.......we could make it an arrse get together!)
  14. Any chance we could have some HE with a delay fuse and VT airburst just to shake thing up a bit, maybe chuck in some smoke as well ...
  15. Crapspy - my kid is in the same creche and I was wondering about a bit of Brainiac treatment of said site. Fancy a covert raid, dead of night ala "Snatch"?

    Still am under the impression that they are getting their eviction notice today and the land owners are clearing the site once they've gone. Not holding my breath though.