fire kills 15


8 Quid is a good rate. It used to be 5 DM for 5 mins in germany
And thats for a whole nights thrapping! How do these business men in japan get any work done? I'd be knackered from staying up all night with the training vids!


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The BBC said:

Such shops are often used by workers who have missed the last train home, as they provide a cheap alternative to hotel rooms.(Yeah right.)

The store, called CATS, was on the first floor of a seven-storey building in downtown Osaka.


The Japanese Kyodo news agency quoted a 37-year-old customer who managed to escape as saying he had gone to CATS around 0100 after work in order to stay there overnight.

He said the layout of the establishment was "so complicated that customers who visited here for the first time may have found it difficult to escape".


Rooms have televisions, video recorders and either beds or couches - the films available include adult movies, cartoons and Hollywood films.(WTF for - a Disneywank ?) Smoking was allowed in the rooms.

Each of those killed were found alone in individual room

Don't the Beeb have a pc word for wanketeria ?