Fire destroyed Former Home Of Col Blair Mayne. BBC NI.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by mess_tin, May 9, 2006.

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  1. Last Updated: Tuesday, 9 May 2006, 13:09 GMT 14:09 UK

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    Arsonists destroy estate building

    The roof of the house was badly damaged in the blaze
    A derelict building on the estate of a famous Second World War soldier from Northern Ireland has been badly damaged in an arson attack.
    The fire at the Mount Pleasant estate in Newtownards destroyed a former family home of Lieutenant Colonel Blair Mayne.

    He was a founding member of the SAS and one of the most decorated soldiers in World War II.

    Derek Harkness of the Blair Mayne Association said they were devastated.

    "There is no roof at all left on the house," he said.

    "My worst fears have been realised. Just the walls are more or less standing.

    "This is a total and utter shame. There's tears in my eyes and sadness in my heart."

    The Fire and Rescue Service said they believed the fire was started deliberately.

    The fire was reported just before 2100 BST on Monday and firefighters spent five hours at the scene.

    A building inspector has been asked to look at the remains of the property.

    A statue of Blair Mayne, who died in a car crash in 1955, has been erected in Newtownards town centre.

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  2. This was obvious to anyone in the town,the developers wanted the site cleared but could not due to local opinion.Suprise suprise the house burns down conveniant eh?
  3. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Funny enough,the same thing happened in Bangor a while back to a listed building in Ballyholme & on the outskirt's of Donaghadee.That was the scutlebut then too.
  4. And a few years ago the same thing happened to a building in Stroke City that a certain rich hotel owning gentleman from one of the Empires colonies couldnt get planning permission to work on.

    And lets not mention Cutter's Wharf, it always seems to catch fire with time enough for them to have it refurbished for the summer. Speaking of which, its bloody roasting today, I might head down for a pint beside the Lagan and laugh at the rowers!
  5. A few cards will be marked then big time.

    Lest we Forget
  6. Paddy Maine for a posthumous VC.

  7. Like he hadnt enough medals already. If he was ever surrounded he could make a little fort out of them.
  8. One of the posts above has it right: postumous VC for this great man. According to the Telegraph not so long back, he was denied at the time due to the fact that he liked a fight in a bar or two.

    I wouldn't have liked to oppose him in a fire-fight (or any fight). Errol Flynn and Hemingway played at what Maine did for real. A real hero.
  9. Yup, he used to keep in shape by popping down to the bars at the docks and picking a fight with workers there.
  10. A man with inner demons and unhappy with himself they do say...if the War hadn't come along he might have made a very different niche in history.
  11. Blair Mayne was a unique individual but for those that are interested - the Danish version came close.

    Anders Lassen

    Is it that they just don't make them like Mayne and Lassen anymore or is it the times that have changed? I suspect the latter.
  12. As stated by others this has been "on the cards" for a while.
    It seems to be quite common here as a shopping mall close to my place of work received the same treatment a while back - The property developer involved is allegedly almost blase about it.

    It would be nice to think that someone, if not the Government would stump up the money to make the place a fit memorial to the man.

    I wont hold my breath.
  13. I would hope the Government would have stumped up the money. Possibly even the National Trust?

    Is there any interest in getting it re-built?
  14. Ther was no interest when it came on the market,it was supposidly "gifted" to the Blair Mayne Society not Dereks Associaton but no funding from any source became available it think that was just a sop to local opinion to shut people up.