Fire crews moving obese patients

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Blogg, Mar 13, 2009.

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  1. "Fire crews in England have received at least 1,780 calls to help move obese patients in the last five years, 75% of them from the NHS, figures show. "

    "Essex had the most calls (390)............"

    There is no end to it. Friend of Mrs B. tells us that the hospital she works for has had to spend a fortune on buying in rafts of "Bariatric Equipment" because, based on "risk and legal obligation" assessments, somebody has decided that the ever increasing numbers of the morbidly obese need pandering to as well as protecting the trusts from staff making injury claims as a result of hefting these bloaters around.

    For example, they now have sixteen mobile "Patient Lifts" dotted around, each rated at 300kg (47 Stone in old money). The powered "uplift assist commodes" are, I understand, pieces of engineering to rival the works of Brunel but stomach churning to behold in operation.
  2. Someone else tried to post about this in the NAAFI. But aye, it's ridiculous the size some people get to, shame really. But horrible.
  3. Good job this communist society we live in means you and I who get ourselves out the door in all weathers to stay fit will be picking up the cost for blobby everytime he or she attends an NHS hospital (Which is probably alot more than healthy people attend).

    Get in there!
  4. I'm surprised that, bearing in kind that they've fiercely resisted fire crews becoming 1st responders, that the FBU haven't kicked up a fuss over this, leaving it to the OB to lift said fatties.
  5. The Mem Sahib twice tried to get rid of an employee who broke the driver's seat in a van twice (total cost £1100) because he weighs 30 stone. This (security FFS) got unioned up and the outcome was that he was sent to work in the report centre to monitor CCTV, because he has to monitor CCTV screens which are banked around him in a semi-circle she has just had to buy him a 'reinforced' swivel chair costing £900!

    The irony of it all is he is always banging on about his days in the RAF Regt (cloud puncher) and how the yoof of today etc etc. 30 stone FFS, I put on sheds as I got older but he's only 39!
  6. As much as putting on that kind of weight is cnutish and fcuks everybody about as he has to be moved to suit his gross obesity etc...

    Does he turn up and work everyday?
  7. He was off sick for a couple of months with a skeletal problem so no. He also can't fulfil part of his primary function because he can't patrol or first respond. Report Centre should be rotated as it is a sort after position, now because he has eaten himself into the state he is he hogs it. It was a fitness for role hearing that first got the unions involved and they brought in oc health.
  8. In that case then the default etting of cnut still stands... Why should the rest of the world suffer because he likes Pies... But unlike the rest of us, eats them in his sleep too.
  9. Bit of a fatty myself, but if someone becomes "disabled" through lard, then they should be shipped off to a "fat camp" to lose some lard and get re-educated.

    To make it nice and fluffy, worker fatties would be treated similar to pregnant women, with the job being held open for their svelte return.
  10. Well.they have got fu*k all else to do.
  11. Perhaps. But some should do us all a favour and take the shortest route to conversion into biodiesel.