Fire Crew called out to move obese git 4 times in one week

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Blogg, Feb 22, 2008.

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  1. OK the Rambo ATC git had the Outrageometer hovering aroung 8/9.

    It now reads 11. Nobody has the right to impose this kind of burden on society through their own stupidity & greed.

    However, if the next call out is for someone equipped with a Captive Bolt device, fair enough

    "A crew of 10 firemen were called out four times in one week to lift a 41-stone man in his own home.

    They travelled in two engines to Robert Marsden's council house and on one occasion were asked only to move him from one side of his bed to the other."

    Mr Marsden, 40, who is unemployed and spends much of his day in bed, said he did not understand "what the fuss was about".
  2. Jesus H Christ... that's insane. To move from one side of the bed to the other? Might as well just install some pnematics in the house...
  3. Next time they're called out, they should cut him into 4 or 5 easily moveable pieces so it's easier next time. Health & Safety's important, you know.
  4. TIRED! How can he be tired when he hasn't moved his backside unaided for so long. Surely he could be put to better use. Shove him along to Tewkesbury et voila no more flood problems :D
  5. I recommend the Tyler Durden solution for this fat-up....
  6. My outrageometer exploded and I'm not going to get it replaced, however on reading the full article I couldn't help but laugh at the fat bastard for this.

  7. Sorry no sympathy for him, Should be left to his own devices. Eating pies is not an illness.
  8. "Mr Marsden, 40, who is unemployed and spends much of his day in bed, said he did not understand "what the fuss was about".

    So, the fat fcuk is 'unemployed'? Just how does he get his lardie ass to the job centre to sign on!

    Tw@ts like this need locking up and beasting til they can get their fat carcases into employment or shot!
  9. so not only are we paying for the firemen to roll him over in his bed but we're also paying for all the food he's been jabbing?
  10. That's insane! Where's Green Peace? There's clearly a beached whale which needs dumping out at sea.
  11. Provide the porky tw@t and his neighbours with ash poles and toggle ropes, and some hints on usage.
  12. Like fighting friggin fires
  13. How the fcuk does he keep clean?
  14. A while ago I saw a program about the fat Blues fan Barry. To keep clean he had to have a carer carefully lift each fold of fat up and attack it with what looked like a toilet brush. So just imagine some old crone lifting up a man boob the size of a deflated beachball and doing what she needs to do.
  15. He has his man clean his kit.

    (Then tucks excrement and bodily fluids into the folds of his skin, where they can't be seen)