Fire Brigades Hands Are Tied

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Dogdrool, May 1, 2009.

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  1. Ladies and Germs get your heads around this.
    Arriving home tonight (2015hrs ) one of my ethnic neighbours has a fire going in a smokeless zone, I asked him to put the fire out as he was burning something that was pouring out a lot of toxic smoke, I and my other half are asthmatic.
    I asked the idiot to put the fire out and informed that if it was not out in the next five minutes I would call the Fire guys.
    He thought it was funny so I called 999.
    Brigade turned up (two tenders) and had a word with Abdul and then spoke to me.
    They could not put the fire out because of new regulations that preclude fires if you have a permit They would not not put the fire out and left.
    I am so fcuking angry about this, the fcking Arrsehole even came on to the street with an Iron bar to try and do me some damage, but he got fcuked off big time, claimed he did not speak English so there for was exempt from a good shoeing. a friend of his turned up explained the situation to him and he just laughed and walked off.
    I wiil have my moment but this cnut has really p1iissed me off. the fire is still going so I may spread it a bit later . :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:
  2. Agree that his burning of waste is antisocial. What does his ethnicity have to do with the matter, though?

  3. So you pretty much wasted the Fire Services time using the emergency call out because you dont get on with your neighbour?

    You sound like a chiseller. The neighbour should have filled you in after the fire brigade did.
  4. Uh?

    Was this a fire in his house, in the hearth, smoke coming out of the chimney? If it wasn't it's nothing to do with smokeless zones. If it was it's nothing to do with the fire brigade.

    If it was a bonfire burning rubbish then unless it's an immediate hazard to life again I can't see what business it is of the fire brigade. Local authority nuisance or something perhaps.
  5. where do you live?
  6. Sorry flash but I unfortunatley I am the ethnic around here and they feel they can get away with anything. I will be leaving this area as soon as but why should I have to put up with Sh1t. I see your point but ther are limits. The Brigade where realyy good and said I was right to call them.
  7. Dare I say it? TO THE HOLE!
  8. Well I'm not a fan of holing things but if ever there was a candiate.... this is it.