fire brigade and service in ta

Can anyone advise what the score is with members of the fire brigade who are serving members of the ta when the brigade decides to amend its reservist policy to the effect that service within the ta is no longer permitted nor will they support mobilisation


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Difficult to say. I presume the Fire Service policy will have some detail in it about how it affects existing members of the TA.
I think this varies. Some local authority fire services are more supportive than others. I have a couple of mates who are TA and serving firefighters and it really does depend on which county you are in.
Most fire services used to have a blanket policy of not employing anyone who had reservist obligations and new employees were required to resign from the TA. I believe times have changed since then as many services have amended their policies on secondary employment in order to facilitate dual contract firefighters i.e Wholetime/retained.
If in doubt i suggest speaking to the relevant HR department but at the end of the day as msr stated its a case of where your livelihood rests.
unfortunately my day job is not as exciting as a firefighters- just making enquiries as the policy sounds a bit discriminatory but then as TA are deemed casual labour I suppose anything goes.


My brigade is very supportive, gives me a extra 2 weeks for camp, though doubtful if they would realise me for being mob up again, wee local funded from the county council so come under there rules, it might be different for other brigades who are funded by central government, Pm me if u need anything mire info

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