Fire breaks out at Turkey airport

A large fire in engulfing the cargo area of Istanbul's main Ataturk airport, disrupting air traffic.
Hundreds of people have reportedly been forced to flee the area and nearby terminals.

"Not a stray bomb dropped accidently by the Greek Airforce is it!!"
I can see the SCUM headline.

Roast Turkey

Pass the cranberry sauce.
tomahawk6 said:,2933,196759,00.html

Terrorism is not suspected,although its still early.
Interesting couple of paragraphs here:

BBC said:
This was the beginning of the end of Senator Joseph McCarthy's reign of terror in the United States in which he exploited the public's fear of Communism.

His unsubstantiated and sensationalist attacks gave rise to the term "McCarthyism".

Although McCarthy and his exaggerated and embarrassing accusations were silenced, there was still a general paranoia about "reds under the bed".
So, Senator McCarthy conducted a reign of terror that created a general paranoia . Now we have another paranoia: terrorism behind everything sinister...

I do like the use of the word terror if applied to the current form of "unsubstantiated and sensationalist attacks" being committed by the GOP collective. :)

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