Fire attack at glasgow airport

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by jaybee2786, Jun 30, 2007.

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  1. I cant believe they put the guy who was on fire out, rather than throw him back on it, bad drills
  2. What was it, a mobile barbecue ?
  3. Everyone was getting stuck in
  4. Hi

    I know we have `good` Muslims about and good luck to em,but tbh i think its time the parents/family's of these fanatic scumbags gave them for up conspirering to act in a terrorist attack/failed bombing.

    they might not even know thier son etc is acting in these cells etc `but if the good Muslims want piece(as they apparently say they do)then its time to stop closing their eyes and help the Innocent people they share thier everyday lives with(neighbours/shop owners/thier daughters mates etc etc)

    instead they sit back and say that they dont condone these acts as its not what the koran states etc

    either that or line all the family's up and shot the lot of them one by one untill they finally get to a family that means something to these `scum` and make them give up the known cell members or just finish the job the US didn't!!

    they should have made the place(iraq) a dust bath while they had the chance.

    as long as they breed sons,then its just another generation born and bred to hate us.

    would have been nice to have left them to kill each other `but knob head bush and blair saw to that!

    saddam could have been easily taken out by a sniper without war and whats come of it,plus it would have been easy to shift the blame to another iraq neighbour and let them kill them instead ,thus killing two birds etc.

    plus we wouldn't have had most of the nutters come here and scrounge money and buy cheap cars and bomb making stuff etc

    the teliban didn't get beat they just crawled over here.

    these glasgow fire failures will probably get bail and disappear anyway knowing our justice system.
  5. Thing is though Billy, they will not go against there own..

    They play the victim card everytime, and yet the won't out the fookers doing the damage.

    They say the British are racists because we target asian/Middle East people when doing spot checks etc etc... well until you admit your people have a problem and start to help get the people behind the fanatics then you always will be the "victims"
  6. Maybe it's time to come clean with everyone then? Since 9/11 how many white european suicide bombers have there been? About time the PC looney left wind their necks in, bin the human rights act and target the section of the community that provides all the terrorist recruits. If they don't like it, leave! It's time this government grew a spine and looked after the majority rather than pander to the minority for a change.
  7. The problem with the government is that they believe (and so do the 'experts' on USA news media) that British muslims are effected by povery which in turn drives them towards extremism. Thing is, most, if not all, of the successful, and failed suicide bombers where university or colleged educated. Hardly the paths of people in poverty. Some of our universities also have a lot to answer for.
  8. I wondered when the racist rants would begin...

    It is time for this country to pull together and not to panic.

    Get a grip and stop bleating.

    (PS: To any journos visiting... please realise that many people on this site left the armed forces many years ago and therefore racist rants do not necessarily reflect current views.)
  9. :x

    some one said on the news that the bystanders said throw him back in .......the poor burnt innocent asian has been a victim of racial harrassment and discrimination ,he wanted to die and kill loads of people but the nasty racist police stopped him just cause he was asian .

    Wonder will he sue? , nah course he will ,probably bloody win as well .
    Is it wrong to pick on the muslim community NO !!!! They are the only ones with suicide bombers ,i say pick away until they get their house in order .Quit f===ing around and start wiping these scum out (im sure THEM and THOSE could arrange accidents) If they can shoot terrorists and get away with it in N ireland then they can do it in england.

    Hope they spends days in agony slowly dying of infection on their burns. :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
  10. The asian that was on fire has since died in hospital of his burns anyway

    What a shame lol
  11. Stop panicking, you will panic the women.

    I am curious, back during the troubles did you advocate sending the Irish back to Ireland? If you did, I assume you meant to include the Protestants as well as I am sure you wouldn't have known the difference, just as to you all Muslims are the same.

    Take a deep breath. Calm down. Relax. Get another drink and chill.
  12. Nope read through all the posts, no racist ranting going on. In fact no race/creed or religion has been mentioned at all...........

    Jumping to conclusions?
  13. Back to ireland,or back to ulster?? :?
  14. So that is not racist is it? Of course it is.

    This country has been threatened by terrorists all my life, and traditionally we have faced it stoically and bravely. Surprisingly many people posting here seem to enjoy the opportunity to have an excuse to vent their spleens.

    I hate to think what a potential Muslim military recruit would think if he logged on.

    As I said, people need to get a grip.
  15. If you stopped going on about it as well, might help. you are venting your opinion as well,

    get a grip eh?