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Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by 2_Canadian_Beers, Jul 6, 2005.

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  1. Since moving over to England I have noticed that there are not alot of shops that sell fire arms, actually I have only come across one and that was down south in Portsmouth. I am aware it is quit hard to attain fire arms, but surely a person who gets a license is able to head out hunting and to the gun range in this country?

    Cheers 2CB
  2. I am in the middle of applying for mine at the moment. To get a FAC you must show good reason for having it and a place where you can legally use your rifle with the permition of the landowner. So if you want it for hunting/stalking you have to first of all have a location where you will do that. If its for target shooting you (i think) must be a registered member of an official club and have signatures from the club owner? (Correct me if i am wrong) But basically once you have your licence you can shoot pretty much wherever you like as long as you have written permition from the landowner.
  3. Rossi,

    I have herd of these clubs in England, back in Canada I wanted a license I just applied and took a test for restricted and non restricted fire arms.
    Do you have a link I could possibly look at? I wonder if my license could be accepted over in England.

    Cheers 2CB
  4. Try here -

    It has pretty much everything you would need to know. I don't know if you can transfer a certificate from overseas. You could maybe try phoning up your local police and talk to them.
  5. and even that is crap. Those who are a problem with firearms don't give a rat's a$$ about any of that paper tiger
  6. The local police are in charge of issuing FACs. You have to show 'good reason', which mostly means either membership of an approved target shooting club or permission to shoot over suitable terrain. And whatever purpose you state will be endorsed on the FAC, so that if you are licensed for target shooting, you will probably not be able to use your weapons legally for hunting, at least to begin with.

    And yes, there are very few places to go to buy shooting stuff. I have an hour's drive minimum for most of my stuff.

    The Met Police site is very good and has information on importing firearms. IIRC, if you bring your guns with you when you arrive,you can have a visitor's permit but if you take up residence without bringing them, you have to go down the full FAC route if you want to import them later.
  7. how long does a FAC last before you need to renew it ?
  8. Five years
  9. Try this site:-

    It was unavailable last time I looked but it may be up and running now.

    I'll try that again; for some reason it doesn't want to print out the whole web addy, even after three edits;

    FMOB! For some reason that address configuration ain't playing!

    Try this! After 'uk-' insert 'docs-polic', so that it reads 'docs-policeguide.pdf'

    I wish you luck; there are an awful lot of hoops to jump through and bells to ring, just to get going. One being simply to get the addy of the above given site to show up on this post!!!
    However, you should persevere and insist on everything you are entitled to acquire and don't be put off by jobs-worth enquiry officers, sucking their teeth and saying, 'Oooh, I don't know about that...'
    I'm lucky, the guys in my area are helpful and straight down the line but there are some out there who are total cnuts!
  10. Both Armourer and Stoatman are very knowledgable on this topic, which comes up from time to time. I used to be a firearms licensing officer for a County force until fairly recently; you can PM me if you like, I still have some contacts. I can't speak for Armourer or Statman, but I know they are helpful chaps on this subj. and may respond to a PM. Apologies to them if this is unwelcome.
  11. You need to get each area of land endorsed on your cert and it will have to be checked by your Firearms Licencing officer for the calliber of ammo you intend to use. So if a second farmer asks you to go and shoot fox for him you cant until you get his land put on your cert.

    Eventualy after a few years of responsible shooting the police may grant you an open licence. With the open licence you use your own judgement to decide if the shot or land is safe for the calliber you are using.