Fire Arms Certificate - What calibres and amounts?

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by Bravo2nothing, Jan 25, 2010.

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  1. Just filling out my FAC application form and I've noticed that for every variation of calibre you'd need to pay to have your FAC amended.

    Wishing to save a few quid, which calibres should I put down from the outset and which quantities of ammunition should I state that I wish to hold?

    Thanks in advanced!


    Edited to add, I am only target shooting, maybe some clays. Nothing required for work etc..
  2. Well it depends what ranges you have regular access to. Assuming you have access to full bor centrefire ranges I would suggest:

    Calibre / type
    .22 Rimfire. / Bolt action rifle
    .22Rimfire / Self loading rifle
    .303 / Bolt action rifle
    .308 Winchester/ 7.62x51 / Bolt action rifle
    .44 magnum / Lever action rifle.

    This fills all the spaces on the form and you can do a one for one swap later. None of these types should raise an eyebrow, the two .22rf are for different styles of competition of course,.
  3. Good list
    .243 as well perhaps?

    Ammo depends on what you disciplines you plan to shoot

    Hold 1000 Purchase 600

    All others
    Hold 250 Purchase 150?
  4. As Ex-stab says it depends on what you intend to shoot.
    If ranges only then you should be ok to ask for anything (within reason) and as long as your range is cleared for this calibre.
    If for game then what do you intend to shoot and is your permission cleared for it?
  5. I wouldn't put 243 for target - nobody uses it. 6.5x55 Swedish might be a sensible alternative or 8mm Mauser.
  6. I'll be mostly shooting down at Bisley. I think ex-stab has summed up the rifle side of it.

    What about shotguns?

    And quanties of ammunition?
  7. When I did mine, I drew extra lines in the boxes to allow more choices to be added, and had hold 1200, buy 1000 for 7.62 / .303 / .223 / 9mm / .22 calibre and hold 600, buy 500 for all the others. Was askd why so much ammo. Told them I wanted to buy in bulk for high ammo count competitions and/or reload for them. Just make sure you have the space to securely hold what you request.

    If they question the amount of firearms you ask for, and suggest you reapply for more later, ask them why it would be acceptable then and not now?

    As long as you show a reason, then you are legally entitled to have it unless the Police can prove you are not fit to do so.

    Stand you ground firmly and politely.
  8. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Really, have a think about as many calibres you want to try and shoot regularly, and compare that to a realistic budget for buying firearms in those calibres. If you have a slot on your certificate for a rifle of a given calibre, then the police expect you to fill that slot within a year or lose it, with the added cost of the variation to do so.

    For range work, I'd agree with some of the posts above. This being .308, 6.5x55, 22-250 and .223. For the amount of ammo you want to hold, have a think about how many of each calibre you might expect to shoot over a couple of 'heavy' range days, and another 100 rounds and that's what you want to hold. The extra 100 rounds is to tide you over in case you can't get out to re-stock your ammo. The amount to be purchased at any one time is handy quantities to re-stock with. In the case of .22, they come in boxes of 50 or 100 rounds, or handy boxes of 500 rounds, which may give you a better discount. So, multiples of 500 rounds for that calibre in the 'Purchase' to keep things simple.

    In the case of most of the centrefire ammo, this will be in boxes of 20 rounds, so multiples of 20's for the 'purchase' box, but bear in mind that most gun shops will give you a further discount for buying 100+ at a time.
  9. If they are Section 2 Shotguns then you don't need to specify them on your Shotgun Certificate Application.

    If you want Section 1 shotgun, most Police forces try to make you jump through a load of hoops. There are very few competitions for Section1 shotgun. The NRA run some slug matches as part of the Gallery ACtion weekends. Otherwise you'll be looking at the UKPSA if you want to spend the time trying to get membership.

    A self loading 12 bore SG would fit the bill for either. Remington 1100 is a suitable starting point - I actually use a pump - Remington 870. Doesn't get out much but then neither do I lately.
  10. 22-250 in factory loadings is outside the specification of most MoD ranges including Bisley.

    I put another little word in there for you too, further up - not all forces make such a stink about this.
  11. Gentlemen, as always, very useful information.

    Many thanks!
  12. All good advice.

    I would add in a 0.44 Black Powder revolver if you have access to a gallery range and like the idea of coming home smelling of bad eggs. The 0.38/0.357 gallery rifles also seem to be more popular than the 0.44s. You could also go wild and add in a 0.357 long barrelled revolver.

    If you get seriously bit by the rifle bug, you might want to consider adding in an 'accuracy' calibre to plan for the day when you will upset your wife by buying a custom rifle. I would suggest adding either a 6mm or 6.5mm slot as these cover a multitude of different sins.
  13. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    WHAT!?!?!? I know the .22-250 is a fast round, but that's just ridiculous! It's a diddy (albeit a bit quick) bullet is all. Even with the fastest load, it's only developing around 1,600ft/lb at about 4,000fps. It's also got pretty much the most range available when it comes to loads of any bullet out there.

    I don't understand what this 'specification' would be, if not muzzle energy. It can't be down to velocity, surely.
  14. It's velocity.

    Naturally it's quicker to find this information on the BASC website than the NRA's!
  15. i had to put down .308 bolt action rifle AND 7.62x51 bolt action rifle as 2 separate entries on my application...Lancs Constabulary also wanted to see my club shooting record for amounts of ammo.........stazi bacon 8O !