Fiona Bruce called out for Racism on Question Time

Strangely enough, the only racist joke I got sent when working in Main Building was from a Sikh. They really don’t like the Pakistanis.
I worked on an oil rig and it had Indian mechs and Pakistanis as deck operators (controlled access to deck for working parties) and they would not talk to each other, scarcely even look at each other. I was the go between, to get anything done. Each would mutter jibes about the other (they don't wash,they are filthy people, was the most common jibe)


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Purely anecdotal, I work with quite a few Bradford natives.
They would tell you exactly that
When I moved out of Bradford I was the last white bloke in the street, I took a huge hit on the price of my house, it was only Pakistanis who were going to buy it, they did very well out of me. Bitter? Of course not.

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