Finucane Murder

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by the_guru, Dec 12, 2012.

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  1. A dark day of embarrassment for the RUC and the Military Intelligence services.

    Collusion in murder. One reason why we beat the IRA is because we were seen to hold the moral highground. The utter failure of the British to do this in this instance is a matter of shame and embarrassment.

    I expect the odd bleat about giving as good as we get, but those people would be wrong.

    BBC News - Pat Finucane murder: 'No overarching state conspiracy' says PM

    PS. Apologies if there's already a thread.
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  2. Rights and wrongs aside, there's something in the old saw, 'If you sup with the devil, be sure to use a long spoon.'
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  3. skid2

    skid2 LE Book Reviewer

    What happened?
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  4. What is the report saying...that prod paramilitaries planned to kill a prominent Republican....and may have picked up some information from touts working for the SF..hardly earth-shattering stuff in the context of the times.
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  5. It's utterly appalling.

    I promise not to lose any sleep over it.
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  6. Damn right, and our hands are a **** sight cleaner than some ....." Jean McConville , no overarching republican conspiracy"...*******.
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  7. It funny why these old wounds are opened up eh, at least no children were targeted......any one want to re-open Warrington when those brave IRA bombers targeted kids.......I am sure paddy outrage will be bouncing about the the streets of Belfast!
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  8. Talk me through how assisting the murder by terrorist of a solicitor was good strategy.
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  9. Agreed, it is a shameful episode.
    However, I sometimes wish there was as much time, effort and finance expended on investigating the likes of McGuinness and Adams and their involvement in the troubles. Instead, it seems to be pretty one-sided to me and our Governments seem to spend a significant amount of time and effort making apologies and hand wringing for the sake of the Republicans.
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  10. In context of the time, I think this particular lawyer was a legitimate target.

    Preventing murderous Provs from facing justice is also 'morally' wrong to the victims.

    I wish this Government would stop being apologist. Cameron the little worm is weak as piss

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  11. Didn't say this particular incident was good strategy. I did say our intelligence war was highly successful

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  12. If the law allows lawyers to do this, is it the lawyers who are wrong, or the law?

  13. Give your head a good wobble. Think through what you are suggesting the government can accuse people of crimes because of this anyone who defends them or supports them is fair game.
    I would happily support the death penalty for those convicted of terrorism but shooting to death by our own terrorists who we provide with int of lawyers in front of their kids makes us no better than Syria or Iraq
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  14. Rather galling to see Finucane, from a well-known Provo family, elevated to the status of secular martyr and crusading human rights lawyer when the unjust Diplock system of trial was imposed entirely due to widespread and serious intimidation and murder of juries, witnesses, etc. PIRA went out of its way to target judges, particularly Catholic ones, in an effort to undermine the role of the judiciary, eg. Maurice Gibson (with rumoured help from the Garda).

    Don't forget that each PIRA volunteer was instructed to only talk to solicitors from Madden & Finucane and no others. They weren't a bunch of idealistic crusaders from some TV movie - they were the Provo's in-house go-to representation.
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